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Celestia Vega’s Bio: Weight, Wedding, Net Worth, Married, Spouse, Kids

Who is Celestia Vega?

Celestia Vega is a porn star and contentious social networking character. She’s made quite an impression over the years using the amount of opinions followers,and readers she’s been gaining on interpersonal networking. An individual can hardly overlook her accomplishment now even if you wished to. Her biography, height, family members, marriage, events will be discussed in detail.

Height, celestia Vega Bio

Celestia Vega was born usa, in California. Besides the fact that she’s become a extremely popular social networking personality, as a result of her enormous followership, very little is known about her. She started her trip to social networking stardom using Twitch (a live video streaming websites that began in 2011 and is possessed by Twitch Interactive) where she attained fame for a gamer girl prior to visiting other social networking platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.

About Her Social Media Career

As a YouTube celebrity, her articles is chiefly composed of porn and using vulgar and disgusting languages. She masturbates live whilst filming her movies for herfans that has made her movies unsuitable for the underaged. In November 2017, she published a movie, telling her readers that she is going to be publishing a porn movie on December 25. This guaranteed the subscriptions on her YouTube channel improved by over 100,00 fresh subscriptions. True to her promise, she published the x-rated video via the internet website, PornHub but after that afternoon, YouTube flagged her down movie and nobody could get it, much to the disappointment of her lovers. She’d later apologise for her teeming lovers and expectant audiences, allowing them know she’s attempting to rectify her mistake with PornHub and will launch the movie shortly.


Aside from creating movies, she’s a porn star and a version. Through time, she’s changed her hair color from black to brown, reddish, purple, blue and green. She has black hair also has blue eyes. She claims to not have a boyfriend because she’s straight. She’s afriend who constantly looks in her videossometimes her fansare conscious of. She’s a fellow YouTube celebrity called Zoie Burhger. She also asserts it’s going to influence the brand which she’s attempting to grow on interpersonal networking. Zoie says she’s not against her buddy ‘s choice of being a porn star but she is mindful of this ‘silent stigma’ that originates from such behavior in the actual world. Though she’s her friend and affirms her endeavours regardless of what it can be, she understands it’s “a substantial measure ” from what they consented to achieve collectively, henceher choice to sever their business connection whilst preserving their friendship.

Celestia VegaSocial Media, ‘s Height

Celestia Vega is a favorite YouTube celebrity and she’s 5 ft 6 inches tall. Most women love pink and Celestia is no exception because she’s a fervent fan of pink. On Twitch, she’s 700,000 followers. She’s 310,000 on Twitter and above 560,000 subscribers on YouTube. Sign or her celebrity is Leo. She suffers from anxiety and depression and is an atheist.


The youthful YouTuber has done a fantastic job separating her sociable websites existence from the of her loved ones. Advice about her loved ones remains unknown but she lives in her birthplace which happens to become California. She’s a young single woman who, hasn’t been married and doesn’t have need kids. There are no records to reveal. She’s pansexual.

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