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Who is Jackie Christie?

Jackie Christie is an American reality TV celebrity and wife of basketball star player Doug Christie. She looks in VH1’s Basketball wives — Los Angeles as a very outspoken, very energetic, and also a contentious cast member in the collection. The American TV celebrity is a really successful woman and believes herself as a mentor to other women, although her smack-talking personality (that didn’t receive many enjoys out of her fans and cast members) maintained her from the TV show for its third season that VH1 allegedly provided $100,000 to maintain her to the next year.

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The Bio of jackie Christie

She studied at Mark Morris School in Longview, she attended Rainier shore in Seattle. After school Jackie went to modelling. In 1989 she graduated in 1992 and moved to College. Jackie had an affair that caused the arrival of her child Takari Lee in 1990. Jackie became remarkably popular after marrying NBA star player Doug Christie and comprising from the TV series championships Wives LA.. Her fame on the series is imputed to her outspoken nature. Jackie and her husband Doug began a reality series titled The Christies dedicated which spoke more about their private lives, but the series only lasted for six episodes and was cancelled until its finale was aired. She wrote several other novels including Proud for a Coloured Girl, From the Land of Money and Sex, Luv Pons. Lateron, Jackie began her fashion line that she called ‘Slayed from Jackie Christie’. She opened two businesses; Jean Fya Records that was an audio production company and BSM Media, an amusement firm. The multi-talented actress is famous for her nature, she’s her very own Infinite Love Foundation by that she’s been engaged in a lot of charity functions. Jackie is also a host of the radio series The Christie’s Infinite Love Chat Radio.

The Husband of jackie Christie

Douglas Christie (popularly known as Doug Christie) a basketball superstar player got married to Jackie Christie at 1996. The couple met through a mutual friend named Steve who attended the exact same high school with Doug. Jackie and Doug had their first date in the movies. Since that time Jackie and Doug have been together as a married couple for 19 decades. They have two kids together Chantal Christie and Douglas Christie Jnr.

Jackie Christie’s Daughters

Takari was residing with Jackie’s mommy who perished in 2012. The narrative of daughter and mother was that of a strained connection, it’s reported to be so poor that you’d wonder whether there was any connection in any way. In 2016, Takari’s son Jaxson sustained severe burn injuries in his daycare departing Takari scampering around looking for financial guidance, though researched, Takari never got a call or any sort of assistance from her comparatively wealthy mother. Later on in an interview,” Takari said her relationship with her mother had been such that she wasn’t amazed that she didn’t text or call through Jaxson’s accident. Takari shown in an interview with her sour relationship with her mum was so from birth, so she claims to have made attempts to be cordial but fulfilled indifference from her mother. Takari once accused her mother of becoming more concerned about connections on TV. Paradoxically, Takari enjoys a far healthier relationship with her stepfather Doug whom she’s in more speaking terms with. In 2017, Takari chose to Instagram to share photographs of her initial meeting with her biological dad, describing the minute among the greatest times of her life. The guy whose name remains unknown satisfied with his daughter and grand kid after getting out of jail. She’s a writer, singer and model. Back in December 2016 she had a girl, Saniyah withStacy Davis, an expert Basketball player for its Cherkasy Monkeys.

Jackie Christie’s Net worth

For all her efforts as a star spouse, an actress, an entrepreneur, a CEO and an writer, Jackie is raking in money from all probable corners and is anticipated to have a net worth that amounts to nearly $10 million and an unknown salary.

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