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Who is Jesse Wellens?

Jesse Wellens is a American YouTube feeling famous for his station PrankvsPrank in which you can watch videos of him pulling pranks on other people. Produced in 2009, the station now has over 10 million readers. Wellens’ station was in 2013 named by USA Today as YouTube’s finest pranksters. In 2015, he obtained theStreamy Award forBest Prank Show and the subsequent calendar year, aShorty celebrity forBest YouTube Ensemble.

Jesse Wellens Wiki/Age

He’s the middle child of their household having one brother and one sister called Candice Wellens. Wellens was among these children that loved to pester other children in college. This saw him kicked out of high school many occasions but he did manage to make it . As unseriously minded as Jesse might seem, he did serve in the military… For a year, he had been stationed in Korea. While from the US military, Jesse was at a union that ended almost as soon as it began. They exchanged phone numbers but didn’t begin a connection before they bumped into each couple of months afterwards. They began dating in 2005. Jeana and jesse in 2009 started a YouTube station. Everything began after Jesse submitted a chunk of Jeana attempting the cinnamon challenge. This progressed into a collection of prank movies comprising one pranking another and how they ready their pranks. Picture supply Their sense of humor and creativity attracted millions of readers making them among the very likable couples on YouTube. Soon they started carrying out other gigs such as when they appeared in 2 episodes of their net seriesEpic Rap Battles of History. In 2012, Jesse and Jeana began another YouTube station namedBFvsGF where they recorded their everyday lives . Rocky, as he’s also known, branched out to other ventures such as songs. ” The tune found moderate success, charting in the united kingdom and Sweden. In addition, he conducted the YouTube channelDown Range Gambling in which he played video games while stimulating fans with tales of his times in america military. They had two cats Bamboo and Nylah. Jesse now only runs the PrankvsPrank station whilst theirBFvsGF was placed on hold. One of rumors surrounding their separation was that Jese had cheated with a woman namedKristina Askerova, nevertheless, that was not supported.

Mother — Stella Wellens

Jesse’s mother Stella Wellens passed in December 2015. She was suffering from depression for more than ten years and has been stated to be abusing drugs while self-medicating. Stella was suicidal and has been set up in acoma following an unsuccessful suicide effort. Few weeks prior to her departure, Jesse’s mother was declared missing. Jesse was correct about his anxieties. . .Local police would afterwards find Stella’s figure in her vehicle parked at a company parking lot. She had been laid to rest after in December 2015.

I’m holding it down for Santa. What would you like for Christmas?

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During precisely the exact same week that Jesse declared his shocking separation from his girlfriend over a decade, he also stunned fans with all the information of having had a baby he gave up for adoption. In a succession of tweets, Jesse clarified he needed her back. But many speculated it had been one of the usual pranks, but Jesse claimed he had been serious. While many looked to plead with him, others bashed him for showing the info on social networking. 1 user @Jessewelle composed “You want to take a step back and figure out your shit out before submitting all this on interpersonal networking. You’re an adult, act like you. ” Jesse deleted a lot of his love-child-reveal tweets but retained the one where he said the kid ‘s name and age. Her title isLuchia and she’s 13 years old at 2016.

Who is Jesse Wellens?

Net Worth: $5 million

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