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Who is Kevin Durant?

Most of us recognize that basketball athletes and players as a whole have a reputation for their way with the women, given their astonishing construct and much more remarkable incomethey are quite the catch. Nevertheless,Kevin appears to be as confidential as he could be when it has to do with his love life. Who is the girlfriend of Kevin Durant ?

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The Girlfriend of kevin Durant

Can you believe us if we said we’re clueless as you? Well that’s highly improbable, join us as we investigate his previous relationships and eventually show who’s now Durant’s girlfriend. Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend; Letoya Luckett This relationship deadline starts sometime in 2011, as it had been rumored that he had been involved with all the R&B singer, Letoya Luckett. Both were seen having dinner at vegas and though there weren’t any confirmations into the promises, the rumor mill was churning. The couple was supposedly collectively from December 2011 until October 2012, the fact behind it could only be disclosed by Durant and Luckett themselves. Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend; Monica Wright This specific relationship got the maximum coverage, since it was just like a game made in basketball paradise. Who’s the girl in question? The two hit it off in January 2013 and so were participated 7 months afterwards. Their participation was short lived and 11 weeks afterwards, everything went down the drain. Evidently, there have been a few speculations as to why it stopped. On one hand it was infidelity, although on the other hand it had been a debate over religious beliefs. Durant told GQ in a meeting at January 2015, ‘I had a fiancee, however… I actually didn’ t understand how to, for example, adore her, you understand exactly what I’m saying?We simply went our different ways. ‘ Obviously he’s a person of few words, this really is exactly what Wright had to say, ‘I had been participated last year and it sort of changed that connection big time since I had been going in a way that sadly a great deal of individuals aren’t prepared to forfeit their lifestyle . ‘It’s ‘s all very vague and mysterious but we expect that the general people to dissect each word. Apparently, both have had an off and on lively going since they understood each other ‘back in the afternoon. ‘ Their connection got hot and steamy real fast, with him sometimes talking about her ‘wifey’ but it sounds as though his or her ‘on ‘ standing was as a consequence of the athlete wanting just a tiny rally activity. Why can we say this, well, it didn’t continue, until we can blink he had been on to another one. There were rumors linking him to other ladies, but the indications remain pointing back into Crystal Renee. She’s a singer, model and actress, and she knows how to hold down a man. So there’s hope that she may actually make it into the altar with the athlete.

The Brothers of kevin Durant

Kevin Durant includes two brothers, Tony and Rayvonne Pratt, and this is all we’ve got on these. His older brother Tony is clearly an significant part his life, through his MVP acceptance address, Kevin chased his brother saying,” ‘You’ve instructed me to feel confident within myself, believe in myselfthat I could get it done once I didn’t believe I could take action. ‘ Tony, who’s generally spotted sitting court with their mom, Wanda had a fairly great school basketball career, but unlike his brother, he also didn’t attain the NBA. Rayvonne, on the other hand appears to be from the eye and doing a fantastic job at it too, but we’re certain he’ll appear on our radar later.

The Mother of kevin Durant

His tattoo of her name onto his chest currently says everything, Kevin doesn’t joke with his mom. She virtually lift him on her and he’s grateful. Wanda Pratt is a routine at his matches and also to demonstrate how significant her travel was, there’s a Lifetime movie being made dependent on it. Wanda has voiced nothing but happiness at the peaks her son has attained at the NBA, which mommy wouldn’t? She continues to provide her unending support and she remains one of the closest people in his inner circle.

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