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Who is Lil Poopy?

Lil Poopy is in his teens and is currently rapping about coke and smacking the butts of girls old enough to be his mother in videos. Don’t get it twisted thoughthere’s nothing wrong with beginning your rap career for a child, the likes of Lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo along with other “lils” did actually wellbut the controversies Lil Poopy’s livelihood has sparked in this brief period has made several focuson all of the things he’s doing wrong. No matter Lil Poopy is apparently climbing his fan base. He’s rapped with big names such as Puff Daddy and posed for photographs with 50 Cents. His Instagram followers appear to grow by 100K annually. He’d 300K at the end of 2015 and also 400K at the end of 2017.

Who’s Lil Poopy, How Old Is It?

Lil Poopy is an American rapper who had been created asLuis Rivera, Jr. onFebruary 15, 2003, in Brockton hospital at Brockton, Massachusetts. As the story goes, his rap title Lil Poopy was motivated by the simple fact he pooped on his father anytime he tried to alter him. If you’re raised in a locality ridden with gangsters it’s just natural for you to grow to appreciate the things they perform and the exact same is true for Lil Poopy who started rapping at a really earlyage and from age 9 introduced his first tune titled “Ima Cokeboy”. Section of the lyrics of this song has Poopy describing that coke isn’t a bad sentence but merely a reference to Coca-Cola/Soda. He gained much more grip as a consequence of his look onthe Lifetime reality show The Rap Game that triggered on New Year’s afternoon of 2016. The series that’s hosted by rapper Jermaine Dupri includes aspiring rappers battle each other for the opportunity to start professional hip-hop professions. Lil Poopy didn’t win the series, but his era and character gained him lots of attention from established rap actions, mostly French Montana. He also recorded a movie with French Montana because of his Pop That Remix and became connected with Montana’s Coke Boys crew. During his trip to Philadelphia’s Power 99 radio channel, French disclosed he never did signal Poopy to his tag. Lil Poopy has rapped into the conquer forStay Schemin of Rick Ross . He’s got a song titled Lil Poopy Getting It whose movie was eliminated from YouTube. This was after police launched investigations to his household after perceiving as improper his behaviour in his movies shot strip clubs. Reports surfaced in August 2016 that Lil Poopy had signed up a four-year listing deal with Epic/Sony documents. On the other hand, the data was faked by Billboard following the audio website supported from Epic’s executive vice president of strategic and media growth,Laura Swanson a bargain was not written. Ever since that time, Lil Poopy hasn’t yet been signed by any recording label, well, not in the time of this writing. The young rapper also spells it out of his Instagram bio component of that reads “Unsigned. ” Lil Poopy proceeds to pursue his dream of being a rapper when attending college.

Who Are Your Parents?

Lil Poopy with dad Fat Louie Picture source Lil Poopy was Created to Jatoy Rivera and parents Luis Rivera Sr. His dad appeared on The Rap Game as his dad figure. Following his controversial music movies attracted the interest of police, his dad Luis Rivera also called Fat Louie has been investigated for child abuse, but the charges were later dropped. Back in June 2016, Lil Poopy’s dad made the news when he had been part of those 60 people detained in a national raid and charged with gun and drug trafficking. Events subsequent to the arrest are unknown to the press.

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