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Who is Margie Willett?

Margie Willett has been the ex-wife of iconic American comedian, actor, producer, singer and author Dick Van Dyke, whose Hollywood career spans over five decades. Both had 4 kids and have been married for 36 decades. The union broke down because of infidelity. Before it was annulled in 1984 the couple lived for the previous eight decades of this union. She expired at age 81 in 2008.

Margie Willett Bio

She had been born Marjorie Willet at the year 1927. She grew up in Danville, Illinois where she fulfilled Van Dyke at 1947. Both lovebirds got engaged after dating for a month and moved to Los Angeles. Margie Willett was a really private person because she never showed much about her lifestyle. Even after she got married to one of Hollywood’s most notable characters, she kept her own life and her kids away from the paparazzi. Unlike ordinary star wives, Margie shielded her kids in the public eye so that they can keep a normal life.

Margie Willett’s Married Life

Margie Willett was wed toDick Van Dyke. The couple dated for only 1 month prior to tying the knot at 1948. While they were married, the two Margie and Van Dyke suffered from dependence. She had been hooked on prescription medication while her former husband had been addicted to alcohol. The few sought treatment for their dependence in precisely the exact same rehab center. This was shown in the most recent variant of Van Dyke’s memoir Keep Moving. But, her former husband dropped in an extramarital affair with his former representative ‘s secretary Michelle Triola. The affair remained a mystery until Van Dyke chose to come clean about the event in 1976, he would no more endure the guilt. He travelled up to paying Michelle Triola the six-figure sum she sued for within her failed “palimony” lawsuit against actor Lee Marvin, her former stay-at-home spouse. The term “palimony” was coined during that notorious lawsuit. That payment has been the final straw which broke the camel’s back. Because of this, the couple chose to go their different ways since the union formally ended in 1984. Van Dyke remained single for a little while until he found love again with his considerably younger cosmetics artist Arlene Silver. In the time of the wedding 2012, Van Dyke was 86 while Arlene had been 40. Really age is merely a number.

The Family of margie Willett

Margie Willett and Dick Van Dyke had a total of four children during their marriage, they Comprise Barry, Carrie Beth, Stacy and Christian. In the union, Margie endured a miscarriage in. She has a total of ten grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Her son Barry Van Dyke is an actor. He’s famous for the show Diagnosis: Murder where his personality Lieutenant Detective Steve Sloan was a son of his own real-life daddy ‘s personality, Dr Mark Sloan. Image resource

Margie’s Departure

Margie Willett was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. She passed in 2008. Though they were divorced, her ex-husband confessed that Margie’s departure was dreadful for him.

Quick Facts About Margie Willet

The few married through a live broadcast of the radio series “Bride and Groom. Therefore, once the manufacturer of the radio series offered to cover the wedding when they’d tie the knot on the display they couldn’t turn the offer down. Who’d anyway!Their honeymoon was likewise covered by the exact same ample radio producer!It was a humble start for the Van Dykes since they couldn’t manage a house following their wedding. They had to reside in their car to get a while.Margie Willett didn’t enjoy Hollywood. Though she had been married to one of Tinsel town’s most treasured starsfor over 3 years, she didn’t elaborate it. In the aftermath of her stint in rehab for drug dependence, she transferred to the household ‘s ranch in the town.

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