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Who is Maria Victoria Henao?

Marriage into the wealthiest offender on earth was a combination of luxury and distress for Maria Victoria Henao. The very lovely lady is broadly known as the widow of a Colombian drug lord and narco-terrorist, Pablo Escobar. Although her husband provided her with the great things in life, his poor reputation made life intolerable and dangerous to her occasionally. However, she stood by him through thick and thin rather than worked . She had been wed to Pablo for two years before the narco-terrorist was shot dead by police in 1993. Later, Maria led the entire life of a refugee, together with her kids.

Maria Victoria Henao, Wiki, Biography, Family

Henao was created in 1961, in Colombia. She’s a Colombian by nationality and belongs to the ethnicity. Her older brother worked with Pablo while he was building his network drug offense. Because her brother was a significant member of Pablo’s small illegal venture, Maria had the chance to meet him when she was 13. Shortly they fell in love and then decided to tie the knot. The Henaos never accepted Maria’s connection with Pablo because of his lower social standing. This forced the love-struck few to elope in 1976. In age 27, Pablo tied the knot with Maria who was only 15 years old. While Maria is a female and businesswomen, she’s popularly known as the world because the spouse of the infamous drug lord and cocaine terrorist Pablo Escobar who conducted the Medline Cartel from the 70’s and 80’s. The cartel was responsible for at least 80 percent of drugs smuggled into the USA at the moment. There’s no uncertainty that Pablo loved his wife and kids, however, the then budding offender was involved in a lot of affairs and had several mistresses. Among the many affairs (with a journalist called Virginia Vallejo) is well known and can be also well-documented. Maria understood everything concerning this event in addition to her husband’s other mistresses, but she stayed by his side. Her choice to remain with Pablo sparked many speculations. While many suggest that it had been her love that forced her to withstand Pablo’s shortcomings, Virginia, in her publication ‘Loving Pablo, Hating Escobar’, implied that Maria was hooked to the extravagant lifestyle she had with the drug lord. Again, Maria also understood it would be extremely difficult for her to look after herself and her children without assistance from her husband. In any case, because she had severed all ties with her family so as to wed Pablo, she couldn’t seek the support of her loved ones.

Maria Victoria Henao’s Death Rumors

While Henao remains living until date against the numerous passing rumors that flew after her husband’s departure, Pablo Escobar who broke boundaries from the illegal drug industry and fulfilled his refusal December 2, 1993, when Colombian authorities situated, captured and subsequently killed him by firing. His place was monitored after he left a telephone call to his own son. Police surrounded the building where he had been concealing at Medellin’s carrel. Consequentlyhe fled into the rooftops, where he had been shot dead by law enforcement. Photographs of his dead body lying on the rooftop of Medelln, Colombia broke the net at the moment. With the infamous criminal from this way, a group of cops tracked Pablo’s home and captured all of his resources that abandoned the family with nothing. Maria needed to flee Columbia since the local authorities were following her. She headed the entire life of a refugee at Columbia and in a number of different countries in a brief time period with her kids. They later settled in Argentina with fresh names. Currently 56,Henao who changed her title to Mara Isabel Santos Caballero to conceal her identity is presently residing in Argentina with her loved ones. They’ve maintained a very low profile because her husband’s passing and she now lives in a apartment in Bueno Aires, together with her son and Pablo’s mum.

Maria Victoria Henao’s Net Worth

Considering that the household made a decision to lead a life entirely beneath a shadow, nothing is known concerning Henao’s livelihood and net worth. However, her husband had been regarded as the weakest criminal ever, with the estimated famous net worth of $30 billion.

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