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Who is Nick Vujicic?

In case you’ve read the inspirational novel Life Without Limits: Inspiration of a Ridiculously Great Life, then you’d be familiar with the writer Nicholas James Vujicic popularly called Nick Vujicic — the most handsome guy who had been born with a rare deformity called tetra-amelia, meaning he had been born with jeweled limbs. Regardless of the temptation, Nick wasn’t discouraged in his pursuit for success and now, he’s well-known as one of the finest motivational speakers of the time.

Biography Of Nick Vujicic

He had been born to Serbian immigrants that arrived from Yugoslavia. He’s of Australian nationality together with the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Nick Vujicic wasn’t a kid, he came to the world with a rare deformity called tetra-amelia that in a layman’s speech means that the child born without completely shaped limbs. The time of his arrival proved a challenging time for your Vujicic household, even his mum refused to take him after the nurse introduced with Nick for the first time. At some point, the Vujicic household accepted their destiny and increased their kid to the very best of their skill. Nick Vujicic came to this world with just two little deformed feet. He really referred to among his toes because his chicken drumstick since the feet were really shaped like that of a chicken. In fact, Nick’s feet were initially fused together but were split through a particular operation to let him utilize his foot to grasp objects, flip through pages of novels and perform many different functions including working an electric wheelchair, a cell phone and pc without help. It’s on record that Nick Vujicic tried to commit suicide but has been captured in time. Regardless of his odd physical appearance, he had an wonderful childhood since, regardless of the fact he was bullied, he was able to flourish in his teenaged and young adult years. When he was seventeen, Nick began giving talks in his church prayer group, largely prompted by a newspaper article his mom revealed him about a man fighting a serious disability. He received his diploma at age 21 in Griffith University where he studied trade with a double major in fiscal studies and accountancy. Young Nick began doing exploits since 2005 when he found a global nonprofit organization named Life Without Limbs and 2 decades after, he began a royal motivational speaking firm Attitude is Altitude. Aside from his inspirational speaking abilities, he also starred in a brief movie titled The Butterfly Circus where he received an award for the best actor at the Method Fest Independent Film Festival at 2010. Throughout his inspirational speaking firm Attitude is Altitude, Nick published one music video titled One More. Nick has written over eight novels and has several other books to his credit.

Net Worth

Through books he has authored along with other books including a motivational DVD plus a brief documentary published in 2005, Nick’s savings continues to be heralded through recent years. His NGO ‘Life Without Limbs’ that is for the sole intent of helping people to triumph over life problems, has become quite popular, making Nick Vujicic a household name worldwide. As a result, the motivational speaker cum writer has tidied up the amount of $500,000 because his net worth that’s admirable once you consider the fact he lives a life .

Family — Wife, Parents, Son

The famous motivational speaker has been created to father Boris Vujicic and mum Dushka Vujicic who had been Serbian immigrants in Yugoslavia. In his autobiographyhe recorded when he was born, his own mother refused to carry him when the nurse introduced him for the very first time but finally, both his parents came to take him how he was with the impression that it’s God’s strategy for his or her son. Nick was created as the first child of their Vujicic family and has been raised along with his two sisters Michelle Vujicic and Aaron Vujicic. If you’re wondering how a guy without limbs will find love, then you have to brace your self. Nick relocated to California from the year 2006 and in 2008, in McKinney, Texas, near Dallas, he met with his soul mate Kanae Miyahara, a young girl born in Mexico and located in Texas. Kanae is the daughter of a Mexican mother and a Western agricultural scientist who was one of the crowd in one of the inspirational speeches. Their marriage is blessed with four children namely Dejan Levi and Kiyoshi James sons and Ellie Laurel and Olivia Mei, an equivalent pair of twin brothers.

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