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Who is Rena Lovelis?

Rena Lovelis is an American singer and bassist renowned to be connected with Hey Violet, the Los Angeles based pop-rock group. She’s from a family of musicians and this ought to explain why she chose to audio and is great at it. Discover more about her biography, age, household life, height along with other fascinating facts to understand about her .

Biography and Age of Rena Lovelis

Rena Lovelis orPyrena Lucrezia Morze Enea was created April 6, 1998, in New York but has been increased inOrangetown. Rena and her husband Nia adored music and the performing arts by a really tender age, courtesy of the parents that were audio professionals in various specializations back afterward. In 2008, Rena and Nia Lovelis together with some different women with musical ability and attention made ‘Cherri Bomb’ an all-girl, hard-rock music band while at middle school. You then have Nia Lovelis in control of drums, percussion, and backing vocals and eventually Rena who visits to bass guitars and backing vocals. From 2013 nevertheless, the rings front-woman parted ways with them and this resulted in the rest member’s rebranding the group as ‘Hey Violet’, a title they go with until now. Rena Lovelis and members of this Hey Violet group Rena became the newest frontwoman of the group as their songs changed significantly. Casey Moreta, the primary male member of this group joined them formally in 2013 and it was during that time that they abandoned Hollywood Records. The group won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Music: Next Big Thing at 2016 having experienced a powerful 2015 using the launch of the second and first EP’s Hey Violet and Entire in July 2015. Iain Shipp joined since the group ‘s new bassist throughout their world tour of 2016 hence attracting the ring ‘s male members into 2. Rena has also done a few films, she had been a part of this throw in Wish Upon of 2017, before which we watched her at School of Rock and We Had This Band equally in 2016. As she and her group continue to make more songs, it’s anticipated that she has to grow larger in her career and reach a much higher height.

Family Life

Rena’s mum Ana Lovelis/Stacy Morze is a performer and celebrity while her dad is a flying keyboard tech and state of the art studio builder. Her older sisterNia Lovelis is a drummer and performer who performed with the group ‘Hey Violet. ‘ Nia’s name isSzatania Angelika Morze Enea.Their household comes from a mixture of Russian, German, Russian and Polish descent. From all signs and moving by how quickly she climbed in her music career, an individual can infer that Rena’s household was a joyful and coordinated one to have given her ample time she desired as a young woman to hone her songs skills from youth. Nowadays such great family upbringing has paid off and continues to pay off since the kid develops her music career to greater heights.


The celebrity musician now stands at a height of 5 ft 4 inches or 163cm. Bearing in mind that she’s still a young girl, Rena Lovelis could likely add some additional inches until she’s a full grown adult.

Facts To Know

Weight: 121 or 55kg Lbs
Fashion Sense: she’s ideal in regards to blending pieces of clothes and still look magnificent inside them.
FavoriteMovie: Her favourite film is Saw and she’s seen all episodes of this
Favorite Movie Genre: Cartoon and Horror
Tattoos: Contrary to her sister Nia who’s roughly six tattoos on her torso, Rena isn’t proven to get any ink onto her entire body, except she’s likely to receive you.

Hair Colour: Pink while her natural hair colour is Brunette
Vinyl Records: it’s a famous actuality that Rena enjoys vinyl records.
Favourite Artiste: Among the most artists is Rihana.
Home: Los Angeles, California Age in Hey Violet: Rena is the youngest member of this group
Instagram Feed Roll Color: Rena asserts a pink colour feed roster on her Instagram accounts and that has been happening for quite a very long time now. Not lots of individuals have managed to pull off this but Rena Lovelis does it effortlessly.
Pet: She’s a puppy
Diet: Vegan
Hairstyle: She had 72 dreadlocks in 2012

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