Ski Mask The Slump God’s Bio: Real Name, Baby, Net Worth, Daughter, Son

Who is Ski Mask the Slump God?

Ski Mask The Slump God is among young talented artists. It’s safe to state that Ski is just one of the newest crop of rappers who owe their celebrity-status into the world wide web. He dropped his first solo single Catch Me Outside on SoundCloud.Since afterward, his SoundCloud webpage has gained tens of thousands of plays and now, the rapper has an average of 1 million plays weekly. Ski The Slump God recently made a decision to give his voice to the continuing controversy triggered by H&M’s recent displaced advertisement. The young rapper opted to deal with thing the best way he knows, and that’s creating a song about it! The contentious ad by the clothes giant had a youthful African boy modelling a hoodie using all the text “Coolest monkey in the jungle. ” The Florida rapper made the statement via Twitter saying, “that I ‘m creating a tune named Coolest Monkey in the Jungle. ” This course would consist of Ski among the listing of songs figures which have responded to the controversy such as T.I., P. Diddy, Joe Budden, The WeekndandG-Eazy. Some critics are of the belief that the rapper simply wishes to cash in on the present time and find some more publicity because of his work.

Ski Wiki, The Slump God ‘s Bio

He had been born and raised in Broward County. He moved around regularly while growing up, livingin Brooklyn, Atlanta and New Jersey. Growing up, his father who was a rapper compelled him to compose rhymes, which he did, grudgingly. In2014, the rapper has been sent to juvenile detention for possession of marijuana and throughout this period of time, he also met and became friends with fellow Florida rapper XXXTenacion. Ski found his rap ability while. Upon his release, Ski Mask The Slump God formed the rap band ‘Very infrequent ‘ and published his very first tune on SoundCloud. He co-founded the Member collective with XXXTenacion. Meeting fellow Florida rapper XXXTenacion in juvenile detention proven to be a excellent musical experience. That friendship which has been struck in the youth detention center also generated 3 EPs: Participants Just vol 1, Members Only Vol 2 and Members Only Vol 3. The rapper released his first mixtape like Where ‘s the Blow Off including monster SoundCloud strikes! And have a Step Back, including XXXTenacion.Ski introduced his 2nd mixtape You Will Regret at 2017. Between the launch of Both of These mixtapes, the rapper released two EPs; Really Rare Lost Documents and Slaps for The Drop-top Mini-van. The friendship between the two rappers appears to have gone sour of late as Ski announced on social websites he has chosen to distance himself from XXXTenacion. As stated by the Catch Me External rapper, he chose to distance himself from XXX on account of this latter’s erratic behavior. He’s well known for his rap fashion that was quick. He failed to create the XXL 2017 Freshman Class even though he left a movie pitch for it.The rapper has gone on tour with rappersWifiisfuneraland Danny Towers. His output, collaborations with his character that is distinctive and artists are signs which Ski The Slump God has cometo remain. The 21-year-old obtained a nod from Missy Elliot on his solitary Catch Me Outside that had a reverse of this rap queen’s She’s a Bitch beat. His debut album is anticipated prior to the end of 2018. Can the MC outgrow his match and the online rap scene by dividing into mainstreamrap? However, from all indications, he has come to stay! Image resource

Ski Girlfriend, The Slump God ‘s Height

Ski is 5ft 7 at height and that he weighs 140lbs. His torso circumference is 30 inches, so his waist dimensions is 30 inches while his biceps are 13 inches in circumference. He’s got a tattoo of the group title “Quite Rare” under his right eye. There’s not any information about the rapper’s past or current relationships if any. It seems The Slump God is now single since the rapper has shown nothing about his private life. Image resource

Net Worth

His earnings come from concert and music performances. He’s also garnered a sensible sum from his affiliate platforms. He had an estimated net worth of $100 000 as of 2017.

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