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Tariq Nasheed’s Wiki: Wife, Net Worth, Real Name, Son, Married, Parents

Who is Tariq Nasheed?

Beyond his physical appearances, there are many motives Tariq Nasheed is among the planet ‘s most powerful actors. Besides filmmaking, he’s also a manufacturer, a writer, a fashion designer, comic book, a public speaker, tv presenter, and a celebrity. His wealth of expertise in these areas, as many think, is really the reason he’s among the most sought after media personalities at this time. Nasheed’s booming career has witnessed himtravel to a lot of nations on earth. As a speaker, he’s featured in a number of high-profile events from the USA and outside. He’s best known in Los Angeles because of his relationship techniques known as ‘G.I.C.two ‘, which really reflects the Sport, Intelligence and Common Sense, Squared. He instructs these dating methods to women and men from town. His go-to novels are mostlypsychology novels, out of where he develops himself on how best to socialize with people and resolve other emotional issues. Advice about Tariq Nasheed’s personal life, family, actual name, net worth hasbeen a topic of attention to his lovers. Within this guide, you’ll have to learn more about the social networking personality and other fascinating facts.

Tariq Nasheed — Actual name, Biography

Tariq Nasheed is an African American parents’ son. He had been born on July 1, 1974, in Detroit, Michigan, Usa. He spent a brief period of his youth days in his birthplace, from where he jumped to Birmingham, Alabama. He left Birmingham to get Los Angeles at age 17, in California. He was raised along with his sister and brother with their parents. Seeing his sisters and parents ‘ titles, these aren’t accessible right now. In the same way, the title of this high school he attended and its location are unavailable but we could affirm he graduated from Yale University, USA and his sister got married in 2014. Tariq Nasheed goes by numerous nicknames including King Flex, Tariq Elite, and K-Flex however his actual is Tariq Nasheed.

His Family: Children and Wife

The American media character is wed to Peanut Nasheed, a favorite Instagram queen. The pair tied the knot in 2014 after a long-term relationship that lasted for seven decades. His American version wife and Source Tariq share three children . Their eldest child, a girl, was born December 2, 1999, while his final child, a boy, born February 15, 2015. His title is Asir Nasheed.

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His Net worth

Over the span of his profession, Tariq Nasheed has been shown to be ‘a jack-of-all-trades and grasp of ‘. Apart from his endeavors in Hollywoodhe earns a massive amount of money from writing and other endeavours as enumerated earlier. Nasheed is also the writer and manager of this 2013horror movie, Black medication. Tariq’s documentary, Hidden Colour 4 is regarded as the best among his many works. The 2014 documentary isbased about the background of African and aboriginal men and women. As a designer, he’s famous for his sunglass line known as “Tariq Elite”. The versatile American character also layouts perfume line called “Risqu Elite”. Nasheed’s public speaking career mostly centers onsex and connection. He organizes lectures and seminars at faculty events across the nation. Ted talks are given by him . His podcast known as ‘The Mack Lessons’ has over 100,000 listeners while his instructional DVD named Mack Lesson is sought after by a lot of men and women. With these spheres beneath his belt, There’s No gainsaying the fact that Nasheed walks off with a decent Amount of money per week, if not daily.As of 2018, his luck is valued at $2.5 million

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