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Who is Tati Westbrook?

Tati Westbrook is a YouTube vlogger and also the mind behindTati (previously GlamLifeGuru), where she arranges and arranges movies concerning cosmetics product testimonials, tutorial videos on make-ups and beauty hints. The station that was established in November 2010, has made more than 4 million subscribers and more than 8 million viewpoints. The vlogger also recently started her own personal beauty line, Halo Beauty — that created controversies andbacklash online on a controversial ingredient. To tackle and answer inquiries and concern raised by her lovers, in addition to accusations out of haters, Tati did a very longvideoon her YouTube Channel, dispelling all rumors regarding her Beauty supplement as well as also the controversial ingredient. In the movie, she clarified the bestbiochemists, doctors andadvisory plank helped in the creation of this solution and the merchandise does notinterferewithbirthcontrol or getanyone pregnant. You can see the movie here. Considering that the controversies surrounding this item, many have really testified of its efficacy and the way they’re seeing the results which were promised. Below are other details regarding this YouTube Vlogger.

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Tati Westbrook’s Biography, Age

Tati was created February 14, 1982, in Washington, to Janis and gift agent/managerCindy Krievins.She is among the 3 brothers born to thetalent representative and her husband. She climbed up inSeattle, Washington along with her two sisters –Erika KrievinsandSabrina Krievins.Her High school was done in Washington, sadly, there’s absolutely not any available information about her school education. She’s always been interested in images and before settling to get her livelihood Westbrookworked as an image consultant, as a YouTuber. The station started to grow as audiences started totrust her testimonials, advice, recommendations and opinions. Shortly, what started as a flair become a full-fledged career and got her a household name. Picture origin In virtually no time, her YouTuber station climbed to a million readers and now, it’s gained more than 4 million readers with roughly 8.8 million counting and views. Among those secrets which have helpedGlamLifeGuru (currently Tati) keep its expansion and value over the decades; is your Vlogger’s creativity signature. What exactly do we mean with this? Though Westbrooksometimes accepts sponsorship and free goods in exchange for honest reviews out of several brands she spreads, she’s managed to diminish sponsored videos keeping her fair testimonials. She partnered with dancerMatt Steffaninain, and choreographer, educator a dancing competition. In 2016, the GlamLifeGuru program was found by her. The program that’s geared toward ridding highlights of her videos includes advice. Users may receivefreebies. It comes with a forum in which cosmetics fans can discuss tips and swap ideas.

Net Worth

About how muchTati Westbrook earns and is worth, allow’s perform a few calculations. The YouTuber reportedlyuploads five movies weekly and these videos create no less than 880,000 views every day, meaning each 1000 monetized views generates $2 to $5. Therefore,GlamLifeGuru produces roughly$1,600 a dayand$600,000 per year simply fromthe advertisements that perform on the movies alone. It’s not sure just how far she earns from her attractiveness lineup — Halo attractiveness yet but her net worth is set at $1.2 million.


Tati Westbrook got married at 2017 to her boyfriend James Westbrook. The couple eventually walked down the aisle just five years when they got engaged. The attractiveness gurubroke the information to her audiences a day until they exchanged marital vows.

Height And Other Facts About Tati Westbrook

The attractiveness vlogger stands at5 ft 8 inches and weighs 62kg. Her body dimensions comprise 34-25-35.5. She’s very active on social networking and could be found, followed and enjoyed through her Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter accounts.

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