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Who is Timothy Heller?

Timothy Heller is a American singer-songwriter who’s professionally called justTimothy. Prior to going solo in 2017, Heller was a part of this indie-pop duo Dresses.


She’s always been interested in music since her younger days, and as a means of harnessing her abilities, she had been a part of her high school group and musicals. In 2013, when Heller was only 21, she, together with Jared Ryan Maldonado, formed a bandcalled that the indie-pop duo Dresses. The group released astudio record and two EPs. Sun Shy became one of the hit monitors, garneringover 13 million performs onSpotify alone, other sisters also attained more than a million plays. The singles climbed so hot that in2013/2014, they turned into the opening action of several customs ofMelanie Martinez’sDollhouse Tour. Their tune Grab alsowent to be featured on American show Vampire Diaries. But in 2016, the duo went their separate ways to pursue their livelihood individually as solostars. Back in October 2017, Heller published her solo debut branded Sleep. The official video to the single came later, it premiered on February 23, 2018. In March 2018, Timothy declared via her Instagram webpage she is going to be working withHailey Wait. Below are other lesser known details aboutTimothy Heller You Ought to understand:

5 Lesser Known Facts Concerning The Musician

She’s Straight Following the sexual assault accusation, many fans wanted to learn if Heller was into guys or girls and in her meeting with Atwood, she put the records straight by admitting she’s a boyfriend from the nameMikey. Based on her, her boyfriend is a wonderful producer who has continued to encourage her music career.
2. She maintained the Voice contestant had asked her for sex and she had declined until a night when she started touching her against her will, finally overpowered her. She explained Melanie hadperformed oral sex on her and penetrated her with a sex toy with no permission. Melanie Martinez, abandoned; Timothy Heller, ideal picture source Melanie Martinez, but didn’t deny that they had sex but denied the allegations she sexually attacked her former friend. In accordance with her, Timothy never said no to what [they] decided to perform together, therefore it was no attack.
1. This ailment also oftendestabilizes a individual, disrupting work and family life, as well as messes up just one ‘s sense of individuality. In an interview with Atwood, Heller opened up on her battle with BPD Whilst at the group Dresses. She said that her encounter using Dresses was a great deal darker than anybody would imagine, pointing to her struggles with mental illness in addition to a very unsupportive group around. She spoke about how she had been exposed to lots of psychological abuse but needed to stick around because they had her voice to the group. She allegedly got better after leaving the ring and started to concentrate on her psychological wellness.
4. Her Debut Single’d Copyright Problems Her debut single, Sleep, had problems of copyright and had been removed from her station but was restored after it had been found that the copyright claim was bogus.
3. Melanie Martinez’s most up-to-date Song Piggyback appears to be Talking About Timothy Heller Though some say it’s a mere speculation however after listening to Melanie’s most up-to-date tune jelqing, you may too agree with all the “speculations”. From the tune published December 2017, Melanie accused Heller of”lying” for celebrity, addressing the rape claims from the next traces: “You’re putting your way to attempt to gain a bit of me…; “You ‘re tryingto kill my title to get some celebrity.

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