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Where’s Bart Kwan now? Wiki: Net Worth, Girlfriend, Diet, Wedding, Weight

Where is Bart Kwan?

Bart Kwan is an online sensation and YouTube celebrity. He’s an entrepreneur, celebrity, vlogger, author, comedian, director and weightlifter. Kwan is a multi-talented media character known for his “Justkidding” movies on YouTube in addition to his physical fitness exploits.

Bart Kwan’s Bio, Age

Kwan was created on November 18,1985, in California. Already his appearances show his Asian origins. Even though born in America, he’s got a Cantonese origin. Not much info is known about his loved ones and youth days. But, Bart had an enjoyable and joyful youth from what he recalls. According to himhe has the best of connection with his parents. As a youngster, the humorous celebrity will keep himself occupied with the camera, making funny faces being pleased while at it. This time would no more be a type of a psycho-escape course but a base for a bright future livelihood. Bart did not set out to maintain the media industry. Instead, he’d studied medicine in the University of California, Los Angeles. It was now it dawned on him that his career path has been in the amusement world.

Media Career

To begin with he gave life to his undergraduate dreams of starting a YouTube station. In their own profile, the comedic station has the intention of “Educating Great Items in a Poor Way”. Collectively they took acting classes to better their content caliber. Bart isn’t merely the normal fame-hungry celebrity. He’s a social audience as can be observed from the material of his movies. He utilizes a satirical way to address and expose socio-cultural and modern problems. JustKiddingFilms is patronized. It’s over 15 million YouTube subscribers withan remarkable 350 million viewpoints. The achievement of this favorite station has caused the creation of subchannels such as JustKiddingParty, JustKiddingNews and JustKiddingGamer. With this touch of flexibility, the range of the station will expand to accommodate fans with particular entertainment tastes. Bart once revealed his longtime “commitment-shy” struggle within his love life as a grownup. Shrinks may assume that this was a foundational issue and the impact of his parents’ divorce in a young age. On the flip side, it might only be that the Asian-American online character hadn’t seen THE ONE for him . Bart broke the jinx when he fulfilled Geovanna Antoinette, his spouse. The few went at a time. They dated for 5 years prior to sealing it. It was Bart’s fun to start yet another YouTube station, Bart & Geo station where he uploads private movies and Geo along with their marital travel.


Chubby Bart was displeased with the way he seemed, so he left it a priority and did something about it. It was a recurring tendency in Bart’s career and private life. As a positive go-getter, Kwan has a fantastic habit of visiting a means in each struggle. While carving a niche for himself in the entertainment realm, the internet entrepreneur made a fitness program to better his appearances. Bart Kwan motivates power-lifting novices to begin with the smaller routines and progress from there. Going from215 pounds to 185lbs, his supporters couldn’t include the amazement of his transformation.Call him a professional,Bart currently participates in power-lifting competitions. Bart incorporates aerobic workouts a couple times in his weekly program. He gives himself goals and once attained, strives to violate his past personal bests. Bart Kwan states the most indispensable part of his transformation was his healthful diet decisions. He concentrated on whole food resources and ate veggies, lean meats, a lot of protein and healthful fats. He moves for calorie dense foods when planning for a power-lifting contest. Bart went into also a fitness pro along with some gym owner.

Net Worth

With over 300 JustKiddingFilms Bart includes a et value of $2 million.

Quick And height Facts

Height: 5 Feet 7 inches (1.76 m)
Weight: 176 pounds (80 kg)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Body Measurement: Not known

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