Where’s Hodgetwins now? Bio: Wife, Net Worth, Family, Parents, Kids, Diet

Where is Hodgetwins?

The Hodgetwins known from the title Keith and Kevin Hodge are YouTube fitness pros and stand-up comedians who operate a fitness outfit and a entertainment brand. They had been increased in Virginia and literally had nothing to reveal while climbing up. They were so bad they shoplifted hamburger pasta and meat from Wal-mart since they remembered they didn’t have a nice source of food in the home.


Keith and Kevin Hodge were Created in Martinsville, Virginia on the 17 th of September 1975. Although the Hodgetwins were increased bad, they finally worked their way to school and got degrees in Accounting/Finance in your American InterContinental University. This was the beginning of things for your twins. The Hodgetwins had functioned as undercover security guards, they also have worked in an insurance carrier and were enlisted in the Marine Corp.. According to sources, it had been stated that while they had been working in the insurance provider, they began producing videos on YouTube however it had been ‘s complete time. But with all the perspectives they had been becoming, they both chose to quit their jobs in the insurance business to start making YouTube videos complete time.

YouTube Videos

In 2008, the Hodgetwins uploaded their initial YouTube video in their station. This was a movie that included a debate within a restroom and slowly it became a favorite comedy station that kept people glued and expectant as they started to diversify to other subjects such as relationship amongst others. The Hodgetwins have been known for names and their own slangs . They finally branched into fitness and started uploading fitness videos on YouTube and this gained a massive popularity with the station getting over 1.8 million readers. Their Youtube station that was termed Double Muscle obtained a few harsh criticism and it had been known that the brutal criticism contributed to their own disclaimer at the close of each movie; Do anything the f**k you desire. In virtually no time, this trapped and it became a renowned and normal catchphrase used by the duo in their articles.


Throughout the past couple of decades, Keith and Kevin have created themselves as stand-up comedians and celebrities. The Hodgetwins go on world tours since they revealed their humor sets are motivated by Bill Burr and Richard Pryor; equally known for their story format infused with jokes according to personal stories of the own lives, past experiences, growing up bad among other lifestyle events. The Hodgetwins will also be dedicated fitness fans, nearly all of the YouTube videos typically offers a whole lot of their extreme workout sessions. They workout two times every week and always advise their audiences never to give up on what they’re doing. They make it clearly understood that what might work for one person might not operate for another, occasionally you’ve got to try unique items and combinations to achieve your objective.

Where is Hodgetwins?

Hodgetwins Net Worth, Height And Body Dimensions

Where is Hodgetwins?

Their combined net worth is estimated to be over $3.5 million and Keith and Kevin are doing well for themselves. The Hodgetwins stand tall in exactly the exact same elevation of 6 feet and 3 inches, so they’ve well-built bodies and are extremely intimidating as it might appear. There’s not any known details regarding their weight but out of their image, you can say they’re enormous.

Are the Hodgetwins Married? Wives, Loved Ones and Children

The Hodgetwins are both married and have children. Their connection is really special in line with this couple. They became best of friends and met as friends. The spouse of keith is named Elizabeth and they’ve been married for 16 decades. Kevin Hodge is married and he’s kids. But unlike his brother that he shares little if any information concerning his wife and kids, we do understand he is happily married. There isn’t much info regarding their own loved ones, though it’s a simple fact that their parents had four children, an elderly sister, Rosalyn Hodge along with also an older brother whose name isn’t known.

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