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Where is Mirtha Jung?

After she wed George Jung, the drug lord, mirtha Jung was known. She gained fame and fame Blow premiered in 2001. Her and her husband were a part of MedellinCartel that was responsible for a big proportion of these drugs smuggled into the USA through 1970’s and 1980’s from Colombia.


Not much is known about her early life but she tickles her birthday each 3rd of December and is currently in her 60’s. She isn’t famous but naturally, being married to a renowned drug lord automatically makes you famous. She had been a famous addict who maintained on using medication while pregnant and after the birth of her own daughter. While there, she worked and strived towards becoming clean for her daughter’s sake. She premiered in 1981 and has remained clean since then, as shown by her own daughter. The film, Blow (2001) has been led by Ted Damme and has been based on the life span of her husband. This movie’s launch made her more popular. Her life was depicted in the film by Spanish model and actress, Penlope Cruz while Johnny Depp depicted George Jung. Her final recorded public contact was in 2001, around the time the movie was published, when she gave an interview to a Texas newspaper.

Mirtha Jung’s Relationship with George Jung, Divorce

A drug abuser wed into a drug smuggler finest clarifies the association between Mirtha and George. Contemplating her origins, it had been thought that George and Mirtha could have fulfilled one of the Colombian cocaine contacts if she was 24 years old. George Jung has been 10 years old. Mirtha especially stated that George was the only person she adored, that was probably why she never remarried or enter in another connection following her separation from George. But, George proceeded on with his life and is now married toRonda Clay Spinello Jung. She grew up with no dad ‘s presence and love and is wed to Romain Karan. The couple has two kids. George and his daughter got reconciled following his release from prison in 2014 and are currently working with their new family company — Boston George Apparel. Coupled with being a writer and also a poetess, Kristina is an superb entrepreneur working on promoting the company using a brand that states I could ‘t promote dope anymore so I sell dope clothes.

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Mirtha Jung’s Ex-Husband: George Jung

He had been born in Boston but has been increased in Weymouth, Massachusettes. George was a fantastic soccer player and his friends described him as a natural leader whilst climbing up.He went to Weymouth High School, graduated from 1961 and jumped into the University of Southern Mississippi. He studied for a diploma in advertising but didn’t finish his research. For a guy who it sounds began so well in existence, many were left wondering what might have introduced him to drugs into the extent of being incarcerated for a period of 20 years beyond his off and on prison conditions. It had been noted that Jung started using marijuana recreationally and also sold a part of everything he purchased to break . He fulfilled with his childhood friend in 1967 and could realize the massive profit potential represented by smuggling that the cannabis he purchased in California back to New England. With this understanding started his downward spiral into becoming a prominent drug lord at the U.S. Jung was delivered into the Federal Correctional Institution, Danbury in 1974 for smuggling 300kg of bud where he would later meet his spouse, Carlos Lehder Rivas who introduced him into drug trafficking. He served his longest prison sentence in 1994 to 2014 and premiered on June 2 after serving almost 20 years.George’s sentence had been reduced from 60 to 20 years later he testified against his former spouse Carlos Lehder Rivas. He was published in September 2017 after being detained for breaking his parole at December 2016 and he’s remained clean since then.

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