Where’s Roberto Duran now? Bio: Wife, Net Worth, Kids, Family, Now, Child

Where is Roberto Duran?

Roberto Duran Samaniego is a former professional boxer who’s from Panama. He had been born on the 16 th of June 1951. His professional boxing career has spanned over a long span of about 40 years in 1968-2001.

Roberto Duran Biography

Roberto’s Dad is from Arizona, United States However of Mexican descent. It’s said that Duran climbed up in the poorest portions of El Chorrillo, a location called “The House of Stone” — La Casa de Piedra. He began with an interest in sporting battle and started hanging out with fighters with an abundance of experience in the very tender age of 8 in a favorite gymnasium called Neco de la Guardia. He’s a four fat universe champion, with unexpectedly held the several names in the lightweight, welterweight, middleweight and light wracking. In addition, he goes further to cement his position as the undoubted lineal lightweight winner and went one step ahead by being the undisputed lineal welterweight champion. Roberto Duran also broke the list of longevity, because he’s the second boxer to possess his livelihood span well over five years. The only other person to accomplish that accomplishment was Jack Johnson. He had the nickname “Manos p Piedra” so “Hands of rock ” he earned because of his versatile fighting personality, in his hay days, Roberto Duran was just one hell of a brawler, his vicious and tenacious fighting spirit made him dreaded past the ring. He had been a stress fighter and had unbelievable punching power. In the very formative stages of his profession, Duran was very hungry. Back in 1972, it took him an extraordinary 13-rounds battle with Scottish guy, Ken Buchman to lift the WBA lightweight tournament. That didn’t do absolutely anything to dissuade his soul because then he moved to another amazing 41 straight successes. He’d move up a course burden and abdicated his straps in 1979. Next, Duran immediately proved his detractors wrong by tackling larger enemies with an unbelievable triumph over former champion Carlos Palomino. It had been about the 20 th of June, 1980 which Roberto Duran attained the absolute zenith of his career in what was known as the “Brawl of Montreal” in the Olympic scene where he completely ruined the undefeated Sugar Ray Leonard. He retired early in the beginning of this century and has been honoured by being chosen to the World and International Hall of Fame in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Image Resource

Duran’s Net Worth

Roberto remained an unbelievable 50 years in boxing as a result of his fairly early beginning and his hard work and endurance. So you would think a fighter of his statue could have amassed tremendous wealth. Within his 50 year profession, he fought 119 bouts and won 104 of these. Sooner or later, Roberto also ventured into songs. His lifetime ‘s net worth is piled up to some fairly good cost of $3 million bucks. There’s not any doubt he could have been worth a lot more if he had’t discounted about $20 million dollars in the summit of his profession on a lavish lifestyle.

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His Loved Ones, Kids and Wife

Roberto was born at Guarar, Panama to his mom Clara Samaniego as well as his dad Margarito Duran Sanchez who had been stationed in Panama to the US army regarding precisely the exact same period Roberto had been born. Roberto and his family lived in youth and needed to perform odd jobs like shining shoes and dance on the road for cash. He has 3 children and also his first son’s name is Roberto Duran. Duran’s union is that has lasted the test of a union that revealed even actors will make their marriage work and continue. He’s married to his longtime girlfriend and childhood love, Mia Felicidad Duran. This union has lasted over 40 decades and it appears to be growing more powerful and shows no signs of letting up.

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