Where’s Shaquille O’Neal today? Wiki: Net Worth, Wife, Son, Kids, Weight

Where is Shaquille O’Neal?

Shaquille O’Neal and his ex-wife Shaunie got married on December of 2002 in a hotel in Beverly Hills and just like most star unions it ended in divorce seven decades afterwards but not before giving the people and tabloid magazines a range of hot scandals. In hindsight it must have been clear that this relationship could end in tragedy because Shaunie first met Shaquille while she was married to her husband and she began a secret connection with him before she abandoned her husband and got hitched to Shaq. This skeleton in her closet was attracted to light when Media extract chose to do a little digging into her past. While married to Shaquille O’Neal they had two sons Shakir and Shareef and 2 daughtersAmira and Me’ arah.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Wife

Shaquille O’Neal along with ex wife Shaunie The divorce between Shaquille O’ Neal and his wife Shaunie got cluttered for years there was extreme rumors in the tabloids of adultery by Shaq and following a few warnings Shaunie eventually had enough and called it quits on their union by filling divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Shaquille later confessed his infidelities to the general public at 2011 and gave the explanation which ‘he had been a guy with too many choices ‘. Like most star divorces, the play didn’t end in moving their different ways because Shaquille blocked Shaunie’s efforts at beginning her own reality TV series by demanding she pay him a million dollars since she’s just famous in the first place because of being his spouse. Shaunie refused to cover the money stating he is spiteful and doesn’t need the children involved with her new series and hence the struggle between them continues with no end in sight.

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Shaquille O’Neal’s Children

As you would anticipate Shaquille O’Neal’s children are pretty tall beginning with his eldest daughter that he needed with ex-girlfriend Arnetta Yarbourgh- that the 19-year-old Taahira O’Neal includes a cute need to watch movie of herself YouTube singing Rihanna’ s Umbrella tune and the movie has almost 30,000 hits. The other brothers of shaquille are called Me and Amira ‘arah and they’re aged 9 and 14 . Shaq O’Neal and boy Shareef O’Neal As you could suspect Shaquille’s sons were of interest to many wondering when they inherited their dads abilities on the court and as fortune would have it, among Shaquille O’Neal’s sons has some mad skills on the court regardless of his style of play differs considerably from his dad ‘s. Shareef O’Neal is stall in age sixteen and still climbing, he’s received offers from UCLA and other prestigious universities that aspire to entice him to their soccer teams. Shaquille has made it apparent for his son he doesn’t need to play basketball for a profession and took away his fresh Lamborghini before he improved his grades at college. Shaquille’s other boy is named Shaqir and he’s just 12 years old.

Shaquille O’Neal’s Girlfriend

Shaquille O’Neal and Laticia Rolle Spotted in the Wimbledon Championships 2014 at London Given the amount of girls Shaquille O’Neal is rumored to have been together with, it can find a little tough to distinguish between mistresses and real wives however of late one girl has been grabbing the press ‘s focus as possibly getting the official name of Shaquille O’Neal’s girlfriend and her name is Laticia Rolle. Little is known about this ebony beauty besides she’s a graduate of Eckerd faculty and rumor has it Shaquille fulfilled her while she had been employed as a hostess in a pub in Florida. The couple made headlines when paparazzi obtained a photograph of Shaq placing a smooch on his fresh sexy girlfriend while they were at Paris and then he took her outside to see a tennis match (pictured above) through which they were both dressed very tasteful demonstrating that even Shaquille O’Neal knows how to generate a lawsuit work when called upon. Nikki later said in a meeting that she had been heart-broken when she finished it with him since he’d painted a fairy tale lifestyle film to get their future just for her to discover that she wasn’t really in the film. Nikki nevertheless made peace with it saying that she thinks everything happens for a reason and she’s right because she made her very own reality show for no other motive than formerly being Shaquille O’Neal’s girlfriend. Her most recent reality show “It requires a Sister” airs on Oxygen. She’s also the executive producer on the series. She stated on the series which her betrayal by Shaq hasn’t made her lose faith in discovering love.

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