Who is Alexandria Zahra Jones? Wiki: Net Worth, Sister, Now, Parents

Who is Alexandria Zahra Jones?

The offspring of a celebrity is not as a celebrity and brings exactly the same, or even more fame and attention compared to its progenitor. That’s the event of all Alexandria Zahra Jones, the teenaged daughter of the renowned duo, overdue British singer, songwriter, and actor, David Bowie, and the Somali-American supermodel Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid. Her dad is acclaimed by critics and fellow musicians alike for his revolutionary work and his music has continued to establish its enduring popularity with all the music buying public. Together with four of his albums charting in the united kingdom album chart and four at the united kingdom vinyl record chart, along with three at the top 5, his songs still has its own impact and hasn’t lost its luster.

Alexandria Zahra Jones Biography

Their cutie was created in Mount Sinia hospital at Manhattan in New York. Her arrival marked a turning point in the lives of her parents and that they apparently revolved about her. Her father reportedly quit drinking smoking and turned on into a much healthier, low-carb diet to develop into a fresh machine and lead a normal family about precisely the exact same time she had been born. Alexandria popularly called Lexi or Lex was described as a wonder infant due to how her mum had difficulty conceiving. Her parents eventried IVF to get pregnant but it failed and they had been contemplating adoption as it was found she had been on the road. She took the centre stage of her people ‘ lifetime and apparently brought them nearer to each other. The famed duo split their own life in London and New York and constantly had their small one together. Lexi remains a young adolescent girl who hasn’t put the sail her career yet instead is concentrated on her research. She also leads a quiet life away from all of the paparazzi.

Her Family Life

Picture supply The exquisite Lexi was created torock star David Bowie and style celebrity, Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid. He met Iman in a celebration in Los Angeles and explained his fascination to the supermodel as instantaneous and surrounding. He had been completely smitten from the first glance he was naming their potential children. Together with the arrival of the bundle of pleasure almost eight decades later, their entire life setting changed.Iman clarified their kid ‘s advent since the happiest of occasions in her lifetime and stated that although they’ve been really close as a few, Lexi’s arrival drew them closer. She described the feeling among pleasure or a contentment that isalmost palpable to both of these. Lexi accentuated their parents’ lifetime and extra colour to their lives outside their own dreams. The rock star desired to be this active and involved in the life span of his small one.He would combine in carrying her to college and carry out different tasks with her. Lexi’s coming brought about David’s slow steps apart from life in the spotlight. Throughout this time, he started to scale big functions and just accepted just several acting roles. But he left a prominent cameoappearance in 2001 humor, Zoolander. Alexandria Zahra Jones has been the first child born to David and Iman as a few but both had one child every day in their prior marriages that leaves Lexi with 2 half-siblings. Father: David Bowie David Robert Jones,known as David Bowie was born on January 8, 1947, in Brixton, South London, England.He was a top place in musicfor more than five years withhis songs and stagecraft significantly affecting popular music. David is known for hit songs like Starman and Space Oddity. He released four records after his daughter’s birth. Heathen arrived in 2002 followed by the 2003 Truth and the following Day premiered on his 66th birthday at 2013. David has been awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2006 He continued to spring up with surprises until his final days with the launch of his 25th and final record, Blackstar on his 69th birthday at 2016. His sojourn in the world, however, came to an end on January 10, 2016, following an 18 month long struggle with liver cancer in 69 in his New York City apartment. She modeled for nearly two decades and has her very own makeup firm which she began in 1994. The company targets ondifficult-to-find sunglasses for ladies. The award has been given her to get her signature style that has had a fantastic influence on trend. The supermodel cum style iconwas wed to the American baseball player, Spencer Haywood from 1977 until his divorce in 1987. They, however, had one kid in 1978. Siblings Alexandria has just two half-siblings out of her parents’ previous union. Duncan Zowie Jones, also called Duncan Jones is a British manager, producer, and screenwriter who’s famous for directing the 2009 sci-fi movie, Moon. Her half-sister isZulekha Haywood throughout her mum.

Truth About Alexandria Zahra Jones

Her entire name is Alexandria Zahra Jones however she’s called Lexi Jones. She’s extremely fond of foods and traveling. Lexi has a pet dog called Max. Her first title, Alexandria, means “protector of humankind. ” Lexi’s mum is a polyglot and has an excellent control of the languages: Somali, Arabic, French, Italian, and English. Her mum is Somali while her dad is of English and Irish descent.

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