Who is Ozzy Osbourne? Wiki: Net Worth, Son, Wife, Kids, Daughter, Family

Who is Ozzy Osbourne?

He’s among the most treasured rock celebrities that the world has ever understood and attained fame in the 70s because the lead vocalist of all therockbandBlack Sabbath. As a part of Black Sabbath, he had been inducted into Roll Hall of Fame and theRock. On departing the Black Sabbath in 1979, Osbourne proceeded to pursue an extremely successful career as a solo performer. 7 of the 11 records were certified platinum, a testament to how powerful Ozzy Osbourne was. The mythical rock superstar was also inducted into theUK Music Hall of Fameas a solo artist and as a part of the former group. After several decades of alcohol and drug abuse, Osbourne has attempted to stay sober as clean as you can recently. Based on Black Sabbath KeyboardistDon Airey, Osbourne’s substance-abuse problems were the reasons for his departure from the group.

The Bio of ozzy Osbourne

His mom, LilianOsbourne was a mill worker while his dad, John Thomas “Jack” Osbourne was employed as a tool manufacturer at theGeneral Electric Company. Osbourne has 3 older sisters called Jean, Iris and Gillian and two younger brothers called Paul and Tony. He dropped out of college at 15 worked many tiny tasks to make a living.Ozzy got locked up in jail for 6 months since he couldn’t cover the fine he had been given for robbing a store. His dad had refused to pay the fine so as to instruct his son a certain area. As a teen, Ozzy was motivated to be a musicstar when he listened to The Beatles’ first struck She Loves You. According to him, the tune birthed the fantasy to be a music superstar in him. He was hired as a vocalist if Geezer Butlerformed his first group in 1967. The group went by a number of distinct monikers until they eventually settled for “Black Sabbath. ” After 11 years as the frontman of this Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne was fired from the set and replaced with Ronnie James Dio. His alcohol and substance abuse would be the reasons given for his bag. The rock star climbed above that blow off and proceeded to make an extremely successful career by himself, the durability of that earned him the name “Godfather of Heavy Metal”. He has since collaborated with Black Sabbath a range of times, recording the record 13 at 2013 and also a farewell world tour.

Who’s Ozzy’s His Wife? Can He Be Divorced?

They got acquainted with each other in a nightclub at Birmingham at which Thelma worked. Osbourne also embraced Thelma’s son Elliot Kingsley. But, Osbourne was anything but a part model daddy; he had been mostlyabsent because he was regularly going on excursions with Black Sabbath. The union formally came to a conclusion in June 1982. His second marriage was to Sharon Rachael Arden. Both met while Sharon worked to get her daddy Don Arden as a secretary; her daddy was the director of Black Sabbath at that moment. Ozzy and Sharon got married on July 4, 1982. According to him, he opted to tie the knot on American Independence Day so to not overlook their wedding anniversary later on. Sharon Rachael Osbourneis a British TV host, media personality, writer, talent director and all around businesswoman. She served as a judge on America’s Got Talent. They have three kids together named Aimee, Jack, and Kelly. Picture source Ozzy’s union to Sharon finished in 2016 since Ozzy Osbourne was caught cheating. He’d been having an affair with his hairstylistMichelle Pugh for four years.Sharon got to affirm her former husband’s rumoured indiscretionsby heading through his mails. The mythical musician blamed his adultery on his passion for alcohol, stating it directed him to create “bad personal conclusions “. In accordance with his now former wife Sharon, she’d caught him in bed with two of the nannies. For a woman who’d been with Osbourne during his dark years of medication and so-called “demons”, the affair with all the star hairstylist was the final straw which broke the camel’s back.

Ozzy OsbourneChildren, ‘s Family

Together with his wife Thelma, Osbourne fathered two childrenJessica and Louis and embraced Thelma’s son Elliot Kingsley. Picture source Aimee Osbourne came to the limelight through the household ‘s reality show on MTV The Osbournes. She’s a performer and a singer. Jack, such as his mom Sharon, can also be a media character. Kelly Osbourne is a singer-songwriter using 3 studio albums to her name. Kelly featured her dad ‘s hit single alterations. She’s also an actress and TV presenter and showcased as a style critic on E!’s Fashion Police. Ozzy also has many classmates. Ozzy Osbourne showcased on his household ‘s Reality TV series The Osbournes, alongside wife Sharon and two of the three kids,KellyandJack. You will find occasional appearances by his son Louis, but his oldest daughter Aimee wasn’t part of the show. Picture source The series was an instantaneous phenomenon on MTV. Though the series didn’t last long, it had been enough to bring the whole family to the spotlight. Ozzy and Sharon were one of the wealthiest couples in the United Kingdom from the year 2005.


Ozzy Osbourne is 5ft 10 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. We can blame his match body to his change. According to the Rock legend, seeing the film Forks motivated him to make this switch that was health-conscious.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Net Worth

Ozzy Osbourne a.k.a. the Godfather of HeavyMetalfortune now has an estimated fortune of roughly $220 million. Below is a small insight to just how he came about this much prosperity. His greatest financial profit in the 1990s, however, has been a partnership called “Ozzfest”. The series was an immediate hit as it gave several brand new Rock and Heavy Metal artists that the exposure necessary to earn a commercial success. Ozzfest made Osbourne the very first star of the genre to reach 50 million in product sales. The series finally grossed over $100 million.

Is He Dead?

Is Ozzy Osbourne dead? The solution is no however, the former Black Sabbath frontman was lifeless, in reality, he died twice! In accordance with Osbourne himself, he expired in a quad-bike mishap in his Buckinghamshire mansion at December 2017. He had been, however, blessed to possess his bodyguardSam Ruston who gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if his breathing ceased. The incident left him in a coma for 2 days with eight broken ribs, a punctured lung, a smashed collarbone and a crushed vertebra in his throat. These deadly injuries couldn’t kill Osbourne, nevertheless they changed his resolve to not go near a bicycle in his life , ever!

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