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Who’s Chumlee? Bio: Net Worth, Weight, Weight Loss, Wife, Now, Today, Died

Who is Chumlee?

Reality TV celebrity Chumlee, actual name,Austin Lee Russell is best called the cast member of Pawn Stars that has aired on the History Channel sinceJuly 2009. The series is based onGold & Silver Pawn Shop at which Chumlee spent if his youth and then began working at age 21. Chumlee, born September 5, 1982, became a fan favorite of the series and finally the breakout star. Pawn Stars was by 2011 the highest rated series on the History Channel. Though frequently known by other celebrities on the series for a village fool, as a consequence of the perceived incompetence, Chumlee frequently jumps into his defense by devoting his ability to professionally manage pinball machines. Chumlee parlayed his success to a small business empire that was lucrative. His firm deals in noveltyitems for example his personally constructed T-shirts. As a result of his fame, Chumlee changes more product than any other pawn celebrity on the series.

Chumlee Death, What Happened To Him?

In 2014 rumors started toswirl which Chumlee was dead, however, it’s since been proven to be a hoax, joining the list of star departure hoaxes. The rumors had it Chumlee who was overweight, weighing 320 pounds died of a heart attack. He submitted “Can we live long, Rich eternally. ” His manager Rick also went forward to debunk the information in a post that read; “Breaking news: CHUMLEE IS ALIVE & WELL! He’s really filming now but we really love everyone’s concern! He’s 101 pounds down in the life’s health! Thank you for your concern! He’s filming now at GS Pawn. In May 2017, he enlarged his business empire by including a candy store. However, his life hasn’t. He’d run-ins together with the legislation in March 2016 coming from a sexual assault allegation. Picture source Following his home has been raided, authorities discovered Chumlee in possession of prohibited guns includinghandguns, shotgun, MP5 and other sorts of riffles. Medicines were found such as Xanax and methamphetamine. Chumlee was brought into custody but released. He also escaped prison time and cautioned. He has been advised to undergo counselling and had been sentenced to 3 years probation. On the other hand, the assault charges against him were dropped.


Chumlee earns $25,000 per incident of Pawn Stars. More are earned by him . For $155,000, his boss Rick purchased half of his company that was heritage in 2010. Chumlee’s net worth is estimated to be 5 million.


Worth millions of dollars, Chumlee can pay for the best things in life, such as his notorious vegas home that hosted many crazy parties. Back in July 2017 the 5 bedrooms, 6 baths mansion hit the marketplace with all the asking price of $1.8 million. Before listing the land, it failed some significant refurbishment, Las Vegas Sun reported. Chum’d paid $1.1 million to the home in 2012.


She works as a chef in the Stack Restaurant and Bar in Las Vegas. Her culinary skills came in handy when Chumlee had to lose some weight. He met Tanya at 2013 and throughout her birthday celebration that year that he took her out on a date in D Resort. Chumlee talented his bae using a cake which has been shaped like an LV bowling bag. Their connection threw focus when Tanya got a boob job which Chumlee compensated for. Talking to Las Vegas Review-Journal at 2013, Chumlee clarified that Tanya desired to spend money on the boob job herself but she works so tough to make ends meet and it’d be better off when he compensated for it can afford the amount by only two hours work. Some sources assert that Chumlee and Tanya have been married.

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