Who’s John Travolta? Bio: Daughter, Son, Wife, Kids, Now, Child, Children

Who is John Travolta?

John Travolta is a American actor whose existence in acting and movie production dates back to the 1970’s. He dropped considerably at the position of greatest and most highly sought after actors in the 1980’s but was fast to resurface and compete for dominance at the 90’s and was busy in film making since then. Along with his acting career, he’s also a fantastic singer and dancer. These and far more are that you will learn aboutJohn Travolta here.


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Background Early Career of John Travolta

John Joseph Travolta is the youngest of six children born to Salvatore Travolta (dad ) by his spouse Helen Cecilia (mommy ) inEnglewood, New Jersey, a suburb ofBergen County, New Jersey. His dad was a semi-professionalAmerican footballer, after a salesman and an investment partner in a towing firm, although his mum was a known performer and singer and afterwards a high school play and Englishteacher. Travolta was schooled atDwight Morrow High School before he dropped out in 1971 in his inaugural year. Without the interest in college, he transferred into Hudson River, New York and procured a function with a musical and touring firm. His initial filmed television character was in the Season 2, Episode two of Emergency! The biggest part of his career starts was Billy Nolan at Carrie (1976). Travolta lasted making many fantastic films and movies from then on to this current moment. Despite having a sustained period of recession early in his career, he had been springy enough to re-emerge and become better in playing any role he occupies. He plays surprisingly smoothly like he had been that personality in real life and was only being his usual self.

Family — Daughter, Son, Wife

Both fans got married on September 5, 1991,in the Hotel de Crillon (about the Place de la Concorde). They lived together in a home they purchased inIslesboro, Maine. Their union watched the arrival of three children; a boy called Jett and his youthful sisters Ella Bleu (born in 2000) and also the youngest, yet another kid born in 2010 at Florida and called Benjamin. Before Kelly Preston wed John Travolta, she had been formerly married to fellow actor Kevin Cage from 1985 until they have divorced in 1987. Their relationship ended when he accidentally shot in the arm. Travolta and Preston’s union wasn’t smooth because they had regular bouts of sour feelings for one another. They patched up such occasions by attending marriage counselling regularly. Some accounts have it that they’ll shortly go to get a divorce because they continue discovering every other incompatible to live the remainder of their lives with. Other reports have been already asserting their over two years old union has crashed. The latter is arriving on the heels of Travolta’s homosexual allegations that we’ll look at. In 2009, Travolta and Preston dropped their son Jett into the cold hands of death at the young age of 16 while on a Christmass holiday in the Bahamas. The cause of the death was reported to be the end result of a seizure that he had. He had earlier then suffered from a disorder known asKawasaki disease in age two In memory of his son, the famed actor and now a dad of 2 based theJett Travolta Foundation, a nonprofit firm that caters to the requirement of kids with particular needs.


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Is John Travolta Gay?

John Travolta insists he isn’t homosexual amidst statements and accusations which were tagged against him by his self-declared homosexual spouses. To begin with, it wasDoug Gotterba, a California pilot that maintained he had a six-year homosexual connection with him that began in 1981 when they met and it stopped in 1992 after Travolta got married to Kelly Preston.Doug further maintained that in the course of their connection, they embarked on a romantic visit to Kenya, Hawaii and, Amsterdam. John’s other homosexual accusations were his man nannyJeff Kathrein who’s rumoured to be his homosexual partner. He was also accused in 2012 by a man cruise ship team of earning sexual advances on him by stripping off his robe and pushing him afterwards. The celebrity has denied each of these accusations and claimed that he isn’t homosexual.

Is He Dead?

In contrast to the rumours people peddle about him, John Travolta isn’t dead. He’s still alive but not as active as he was in film making in his younger years.


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6 ft 2 inches or 188 cm.

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