Who’s Todd Thompson? Wiki: Now, Net Worth, Son, Husband, Parents, Wedding

Who is Todd Thompson?

Todd Thompson is an American reality TV celebrity andclothing designer. He’s widelyknown because the former spouse of renowned Italian-born American boxer, author, and television character, Giada De Laurentiis

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Biography — Age

Though not much info can be found about his youth, we do understand that Todd Thompson was created on 8th January 1963, at Grand Rapids, Miami, Florida, the USA into Mary Thompson. He’s got a brother called Trevor Thompson. The TV character with an impressive elevation of6 feet 2 quietly climbed to fame because of his union to star chefGiada De Laurentiis.Born at Rome and raised in Los Angeles, Giada is the daughter of actress Veronica De Laurentiis and movie manufacturer Alex De Benedetti. Giadawas subjected to entertainment and cuisine in a young age and her grandfatherDino possessed a bunch of Italian restaurants known as DDL Foodshow, in which she ate, she had been motivated to pursue a career in cooking. Giada eventually rose to be a star chef and a Food Network star famous for her cooking reveals Regular Italian and Giada in Home.She is similarly a regular contributor and guest co-host on NBC’s Today. The celebrity chef that also has a restaurant at Las Vegas has authored several cookbooks and includes a line of cookware in Target. Picture source Todd andDe Laurentiis fulfilled when the star chef was 19-year-old anthropology student at UCLA, and in the moment, Thompson knew nothing about cooking. Both got married May 25, 2003. The union, which produced a single kid in 2008, a girl called Jade Marie De Laurentiis-Thompson finally crashed after 11 years in 2014. Thompson and De Laurentiis first declared their separation Facebook, describing that their decision to separate was in order to concentrate on the long run; adding “the overpowering desire for their loved ones ‘s pleasure has given them the power to proceed on different, yet constantly connected avenues “. Although there were claims that the few ‘s divorce has been a consequence of the many flings De Laurentiishad with three or more men that include — Bobby Flay, Matt Lauer, and John Mayer, these allegations have been disregarded from the star cook. Their divorce settlement that allowed both parents joint custody of the daughter Jade wasn’t a cheap one. Picture source Thompson and De Laurentiis have stayed amicable exes. They’ve remained close during their post-divorce to help increase Jade together. Among the secrets to becoming successful co-parents into Jade is living a rock ‘s throw away from one another, in order to keep their kid secure and keep her surroundings as much as you can at both areas. By this, the prior couple, say they’re supportive of one another and, subsequently, supportive of Jade. Once it seems like Todd is perhaps single for today, Giada has, however, moved into a new connection and found happiness with FABLife manufacturer Shane Farley.

Todd Thompson’s Net Worth, Where Is He Now?

By 2008 to 2014, Todd appeared in 62 episodes of the ex-wife’s TV showGiada in Home, a series where she sharesher enjoy for entertaining guests by placing together unique foods for parties with family and friends. For Giada’s initial restaurant located in vegas, Todd who’s a fashion designer is credited with designing the restaurant’s chef’s ‘s coats, a concept and promotion stunt that was aimed atmaking the restaurant a home away from home for its celebrity cook. Obviously, this was before the fracture of the few ! Todd Thompson now works as a fashion designer for Anthropologie and for different brands. Although the specific details of his wages are unknown, his donations into the fashion business and also the $9,000 monthly child-support obligations from his divorce settlements using ex-wife Giada puts his net worth in an estimated price of $8 million.

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