Who’s Tom Segura? Wiki: Wife, Weight, Weight Loss, Net Worth, Parents

Who is Tom Segura?

American comic and podcaster, Tom Segura is remarkably popular largely because of his amazing talent and occasionally for his controversies. He’s also an actress and author is largely popular for Entirely Conventional and Largely Stories on NetFlix.

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Tom Segura’s Bio and Age

He’s a part Peruvian and part Spanish and French. He appears to have gotten a number of his humorous sides from his father who he said is a regular contributor for his own series. While growing up, Tom must dwell in areas like Minneapolis, Milwaukee, in addition to Vero Beach, Florida. For his schooling, the Disgraceful comedian went into theLenoir-Rhyne University. After he was through with his schooling, he chose to be a comedian. He later revealed his trip into the comedy world was in an attempt to maintain all of his frustrations. Tom had a somewhat interesting life that was not without its numerous issues. He lost his life in age 18 when he took a drug overdose which afterwards placed him into a coma. The one thing which helped him to endure was the simple fact he was obese. Now, Tom Segura runs his very own Netflix specials such as Tom Segura: Disgraceful and Tom Segura: Largely Stories. More so, he’s also quite popular in regards to podcasts such as “The Joe Rogan Expertise ” along with “WTF with Marc Maron. ” He has his podcast, “Your Mother ‘s House” he runs with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky. The podcast includes plenty of very loyal followers and it had been motivated by Rogan who also has a rather successful podcast. Rogan got Segura and his spouse to begin the comic podcast after realizing that both of these are to precisely the exact same thing. Segura hasn’t been with no controversies as individuals have written to Netflix to censor the Disgraceful comic ‘s series on its own platform. Various people and campaigners such as the Canadian Down Syndrome Society have accused him of hate speech after that he used the phrase retarded at a joke. This is the largest controversy he’s become.


Segura is married to Christina Pazsitzky who enjoy himis a stand-up comic book, podcaster, author, host and TV character. It was soon after they got married, in 2011 they started their podcast collectively. This was the very lovely woman who watched into the creation of this twice-weekly podcast. Aside from being a comic like her husband, Christina is also an animation writer and she’s done expressing for a few. It was here that she chose to concentrate largely on the comic stage. 10 years later, the humor royals got married, they have a kid and they’re anticipating the next kid which Christina tags “thug two “. Their first child was born in 2016 and she’s expected to give birth to another toward the end of 2018. Christina Pazsitzky and Segura currently reside in Los Angeles from where they also get the job done.

Net Worth

The comic has a net worth of $3 million. His wife, on the other hand, has a net worth that’s been estimated at $2 million. With more jobs under them in the present time, it’s anticipated that shortly, the humor super-duo will see their value going much greater.

Height and Body Weight (Weight Loss)

Now a dad, the comic joked he would have to test out and eliminate weight since he doesn’t need his kids being called out at college because of their dad being obese. The Irony however is that as pointed out, his burden was among the things which saved his life as a teen when he uttered. Taking a look at the person ‘s body dimension, he’s slightly greater than typical both in height and weight. While his elevation is 6 ft 1 inches (1.85m), his weight is unknown, although he disclosed that he and another comic celebrity who’s also overweight got lovers to fat pity them in a reduction weight competition. He dropped up to 50 lbs.

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