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Who is Jim Caviezel?

The American actor who portrayed the role of Jesus Christ from the 2004 Mel Gibson’s Film, Passion of the Christ is none other than Jim Caviezel. The film was called the most virulently antisemitic film made since the German propaganda films of World War II from Jami Bernard of the New York Daily News.

Wiki, jim Caviezel Bio

Born September 26, 1968, as Jim Patrick Caviezel, at Mount Vernon, Washington, United States, Jim is a devout Catholic who stands for the defense of His Own Religion Everywhere. His major interests while growing up were faith and basketball, but he shifted his focus to acting after he obtained a foot injury in his second year at school. Back in 1985, he left yet another move to another Catholic school, John F. Kennedy Memorial High School, Burren Washington, where he played basketball and graduated from in 1987. For faculty, he enrolled at Bellevue where he played basketball. Jim would later move into the University of Washington as a sophomore after a foot injury that put an end to his dream of being an NBA player. With the move, he shifted his attention on acting and earned a diploma in drama.Although that he couldn’t play expert basketball,” Jim said it’s given him the leadership and discipline that he desired in life.

Acting Career

Jim Caviezel’s career in movies started with a drama in Seattle, which made him a Screen Actors Guild card using a minor part in the 1991 movie My Own Private Idaho. He’d have given up on acting but to get a telephone call from Terrence Malickwho throw and led him at the World War II movie The Thin Red Line (1998) that became his breakthrough. Jim has gone to look in other notable movies including G.I Jane (1997), Ride with the Devil (1999) that is an American Civil War movie, Count of Monte Cristo (2002), High Crimes (2002). He maintained his part from the movie place a grip on his acting career as major roles didn’t come forth after this function. Adding that Gibson cautioned him against accepting the function saying he’d not work in Hollywood again to which he reacted that most of us must embrace our crosses. Jim is a guy who upholds his religion and respects his wife both on screen as well as anyplace. He doesn’t undermine principles and doesn’t play love characters with naked scenes. A case was refused to perform any romance scenes with his onscreen wifeAshley Judd in High Crimes since it conflicted with his strong Catholic religion. In Angel Eyes, Jim also denied to perform a love scene with Jennifer Lopez because she had been nude. In 2006, Caviezel registered in a minumum of one course as a part-time student in the University of Notre Dame.


Jim’s is a household. His mother Margaret was a former stage actress of Irish descent and his dad is James Patrick Caviezel, a nurse of Slovak and Swiss descent. His surname is of Romanish origin. Jim grew up along with his four sisters, a younger brother, Timothy, and three sisters, Ann, Amy, and Erin at Conway, Washington.

Jim CaviezelChildren, ‘s Wife

Isn’Can it be a miracle how a actor got married into a high school instructor? We’ll fix that mystery for you. Amy, jim ‘s sister, place them . Three decades after, on July 20, 1996, they have married in the Immaculate Conception Church at Roslynn, Washington, and their love has lived to a marriage of two or more decades without a rumor of divorce at sight. Kerri is a grad of WesternWashington University.Jim and Kerri have adopted three kids, two boys and a woman from China.Their two kids were diagnosed with a brain tumor whereas the next person has sarcoma. This didn’t dissuade Jim in any manner. Their titles are David Lyn Elizabeth, and Bo. He had been provided a healthy toddler woman when he moved to embrace his daughter, however, he picked to the five-year-old Lyn Elizabeth who had a brain tumor. Jim describes his spouse as attractiveness and kindness personified. When asked the reason why they don’to embrace healthy kids, the couple said they understand the wholesome kids would get a fantastic house but it’s extremely probable the sick woman wouldn’t. Both of them are devout Catholics, who ardently oppose abortion. He’s also featured in an advertising opposing Embryonic Stem Cell Research and treatment in Missouri that’s legal under the national law.

Jim Caviezel Net Worth and Height

Jim is quite hard working and focused. He’s his best in whatever character he plays and is currently worth $25 million.
Height: 1.88 m (6’two ).

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