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Who is Kanye West?

Kanye West has made a reputation for being among the most prosperous actors in the USA. The 38-year-old is a rapper, record producer and fashion designer. He’s also the creator of the creative material firm DONDA along with the mind of a record label GOOD music.Since coming the limelight,” Kanye has drawn comments from critics because of his contentious lifestyle Kanye’s romance was also crucial to his fame, after dating a few girls, the artist settled with one of their very beautiful tv and societal networking characters Kim Kardashian. Despite his victory, the musician can’t shed off some horrible controversies surrounding him as well as his accomplishments. Of the numerous controversies, the most upsetting ones are speculations which Kanye West is homosexual and is a part of the Illuminati, the secret/occult society considered to dominate the audio market.

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Is Kanye West?

Gay men don’t walk round with tags around their necks that read “I’m Gay”they are identified by their activities, body language and that which they are often seen with. When some celebrities openly emerge as gays, it’s thought that not those who exercise the novelty admit that it, for a few, along with hiding their sexualitythey flaunt their wives to overrule any type of suspicion. Kanye found himself on the incorrect side of this media when Porn websites maintained he had been at a romantic relationship with French style designer Olivier Rousteing who appears to be among West’s closest buddies. The rumor began from a dating site for gay folks, an ex-boyfriend of Olivier posted images and e-mails between Kanye and Rousteing indicating that there might be more between them both. Both designers were seen attending a celebration together wearing matching outfits. This is thought to be uncommon for people who promised to talk about only an innocent friendship. A distinct tabloid went further to assert that Kanye spent time together with Tisci than he did wife Kim if she was pregnant. The problems were further complicated when a few rumor mongers dug a little deeper and discovered that a transcript at which Tisci publicly confessed he was in an affair with an undercover celebrity. A lot of individuals believe it was Kanye West. To create the rumors seem more accurate, Kanye hasn’t formally come outside to deny the accusations. Perhaps he just does not want to devote his time studying things which don’t disturb him or he doesn’t understand how to respond since he’s really guilty of the allegations. No matter the circumstance, nobody can inform for certain.

Kanye West and the Illuminati membership

It’s thought that the society is currently commanding virtually everything which goes on in the world especially entertainment, finance and politics. In accordance with conspiracy theorists, it isn’t feasible to be successful in the entertainment and music sector with no part of the Illuminati. In his songs, conspiracy mongers asserts the existence of Illuminati symbolism which he uses subliminal messages to brainwash his crowd right into subscribing to the beliefs of their occult society. At one stage the rapper used the term “I sold my soul to the devil” increasing the feeling he really entered to devil worship that is Illuminati. West’s participation with Jay- Z at the Tidal job also increased suspicion since the latter is broadly regarded as a leading member of the society. He said that he isn’t a member of the occult team and he didn’t know why some folks would believe he’s. It’s noteworthy that none of those so-called Illuminati members have come out and stated that they are all members. That is the reason Kanye West’s assertions can’t be taken seriously. Provided that he utilizes Illuminati symbolism and subliminal messages in his songs, the rumors won’t ever die out.

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