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Who is Rick Harrison?

Among a lot of other things, American businessman, Rick Harrison is a reality television celebrity, a writer and also the co-founder of this World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop he began with his father in 1989. After the huge success listed by the store, it’s not just featured on the History show Pawn Stars, in addition, it shattered records, getting the highest rated program in the History Channel at 2011. Harrison is one of those who chose from an early point in life that college isn’t their forte, consequently, he fell from high school in his tenth tier to pursue his “$2,000-a-week company of selling fake Gucci bags”. Apparently, the move paid off since he’s listed landmarks ever since. Let’s have a little trip down memory lane onto the way in which the mogul we all know now began.

Background Details

He also didn’t have to enjoy a normal youth like most children as he’d epileptic seizures that started at age eight. Because of this, he was confined to his bed the majority of the time, but on the other hand he became an avid reader of a string of novels by John D. Fitzgerald branded The fantastic Brain. Ten-year-old Utah con artist called Tom D Fitzgerald, the major character from the book played a significant part in influencing Harrison’s future jobs. Notably, the personality can conjure up lucrative schemes. Rick Harrison dropped from Taft Middle School, Part of the San Diego Unified School District. Back in 1989, Harrison and his dad pioneered the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and a couple of decades after, the duo was devoting around $3 million annually, earning roughly $700,000 in interest earnings. Harrison has a reputation for a pawnbroker at Las Vegas where he assembles special sports things among which will be a 2001 New England Patriots Super Bowl ring belonging to American football cornerback Brock Williams. He was known with the Pawnbroker of the Year Award from the National Pawnbrokers Association for attracting the pawn business closer to the public. Rick Harrison made many efforts to earn a TV series about a pawn store no avail. This was after his store was featured at the series Insomniac with Dave Attell at 2003. But Brent Montgomery and Colby Gaines of all Leftfield Pictures approached him with an idea; They had been seeking to establish a reality series which would be located at a vegas pawn store and Harrison’s was the best alternative. The series — Pawn Stars includes Harrison along with his dad who’s known as “The Old Man” from the series. Pawn Stars would become the highest ranked program on History Channel. Rick Harrison also appeared on other shows like that I Lost My Head at Vegas, iCarly, The Secure and The Heart. Thus far, his estimated net worth is offered at $8 million that essentially stems from his wages of $300,000 annually from Pawn Stars.

Family, Daughter

Rick Harrison was born as the third child of U.S. Navy veteran, Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr., along with his wife Joanne Rhue Harrison. He has two older brothers — Sherry Joanne Harrison who died at age six and Joseph Kent Harrison. His younger brother is called Christopher K. Harrison. Harrison has no girl, but he’s three sons out of his two unsuccessful marriages. His first two sons, Corey and Adam came out of his first marriage to Kim while Jake is the product of his marriage to his second wife, Tracy.

Who’s Rick Harrison’s Wife? Is he Gay?

Harrison’s third marriage If his previous marriages and relationships are anything to go by, Rick Harrison isn’t homosexual. Actually, he got married to his girlfriend Kim after getting her pregnant when he was only 17. Though they dropped the pregnancy at the moment, the few afterwards welcomed their first child Corey on April 27, 1983. Regrettably, following the birth of the second child, Adam, the couple went their different ways and Harrison wed his second wife, Tracy, who’s the mother of his third child Jake. His existing marriage would be to Deanna Burditt that he participated in 2012 and got married to on July 21, 2013, in Laguna Beach, California.

Rick Harrison’s Height

The pawn celebrity has an average elevation of 5 ft 11.5 inches. He generally keeps his head bald and has blue eyes. His weight and other body figures are unknown right now.

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