Where’s Imaqtpie (Michael Santana) today? Wiki: Girlfriend, Married

Where is Imaqtpie (Michael Santana)?

When a guy excels beyond his title, the entire world remembers him by his actions rather than his title. So do we guess with Michael Santana a.k.a. Imaqtpie as it comes to gambling, notably the League of Legends. He’s a professional gamer and flowing character known for his extreme gaming abilities. Among the most common professional Elo rating players from America having a huge following on Twitch. He’s over 1.4 million fans along with over 80 million viewpoints. Imaqtpie has got various team accomplishments from several tournaments.

Americas national treasure has safely touched down???

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Imaqtpie (Michael Santana) Bio, Age

He’s half Cuban and half Colombian and has spent all his lifetime in Florida. He received his moniker, Imaqtpie out of his mum ‘s description of him cute. Michael is an avid tv watcher out of his youth and could sit in the front of the box the majority of the day to see some other food station especially the Food Network. He’d later attempt his hands on cooking afterwards he took a hiatus from gambling. He began playing games at a young age and has been really proficient at it. Michael played with variousgames such as PlayStationand finally, League of Legends but may not be regarded as a serious gamer in the start. On the line, he believed that he was actually doing great and became committed, providing more time to practice. Having a desire to go pro, he had been invited by friends and intimate followers to create a group. He failed and God Bears was birthed at which he played a mid lane participant. Aside from his Twitch existence, his signature outfit: gym shorts and a white t-shirt and casual appearance together with his long, shiny mane are crucial to his wide appeal. He doesn’t like wearing sneakers. Imaqtpie keeps his luscious locks with Garnier Fructis and states the odor gives him a fairly sense. Career In 2011, Michael started his professional gambling profession with his team. He’s well known for his Corki drama and has explained his style as emotionally challenged. He left the group in April 2011 and combined Rock Solid where he performed and utilized to begin within a AD carry. They won the National ESL Premier League and has been picked up from the group Dignitas at September 2011. Imaqtpie also played with the beginning AD carry in Dignitas for at least three years before October 2014 when he abandoned. His death has been seen as a movement to pursue his flowing complete time.Several community memes originated out of his flowing character where he’s understood even better. He’s unquestionably among the hottest Twitch broadcasters with occasionally 40 million live audiences. Together with the group, he took a part in the 2017 NACS Summer in addition to at July 2017 and they arrived in sixth. Victories he’s won several names along with his groups as well as acquiring many placements in several occasions. Imaqtpie directed his group to acquire the IGN Proleague Season 3 — Atlantic City at 2011. Collectively, they gained IPL elites NA at July 2012 and at 2013, they came 3rd at the MLG Winter Championship International Exhibition and 4th at the Season 3 NA LCS Summer Playoffs. He’s won various different names as an expert gamer and has been the reigning winner of flippers360 LAN tournament.

Who’s his Girlfriend?

He met with his girlfriend who’s also a gamer on the internet through chats and mutual friends. Following that, she made a relationship profile on OKCupid site and’d Michael and a number of his buddies trolling her. He believed she was adorable and she, in turn, surrendered to his charm. They, nevertheless, began dating after they met in man. Her name is Lisha Weiand she was a diamond-tier League of Legends participant. She’s a Chinese-American born on 28 March 1993 at the USA. Both live in a gorgeous modern home in Silver Spring, Maryland with their pet dogs and cats called Smallcat, Mellowcat, Dapperdog.

Alright i have assumed my true form, i am pickle santana my iq is unrivaled

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Imaqtpie (Michael Santana) Salary, Net Worth

He’s thankful that his abilities have paid off him in a gorgeous way. Imaqtpie hasn’t only earned great money for a gamer but in addition has gathered more for streaming movies on Twitch and on YouTube. Imaqtpie earned nearly $32, 000 ($31,997.65) in prize money in 21 tournaments. His earnings from flowing is allegedly over $000, 000 monthly and his net worth is estimated at $1 million.

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