Where’s Lauren Parsekian today? Wiki: Wedding, Parents, Occupation

Where is Lauren Parsekian?

Lauren Parsekian could be an actress, but this is only a tiny part of that she is. She’s also an activist, director, and filmmaker who’s invested a great deal of time fighting for causes like bullying. She’s known for her movie documentary, Finding Kind.

Lauren ParsekianAge, ‘s Biography

Lauren grew up in a family with two sisters. She brought her love for acting out of her parents at a young age. Her mum is Debra Kelly, a performer that was popular from the 70s and 80s. Lauren’s dad was a guy named Thomas Parsekian. He was also included with the Hot Resort film with her mum in 1985. Mr. Parsekian was also a part of another films like Fame, 1982; and Club Life (1986). Between them, Lauren, Together with her sisters, Brooke Parsekian and Liam Parsekian, inherited an Armenian heritage. It was during her time that she discovered firsthand how actual bullying was. She was always bullied by other college women, such as her classmates and women ahead of her class. They’d beat her up and throw things in her during lunch interval, take her private things out of her locker, and tear her up mission right ahead. She couldn’t speak or fight her way from it. She finally suffered from melancholy and developed an eating disorder. It got so bad that in a point she tried to take her life. These experiences would definitely inform the route which Lauren’s life required when she became old. During this time, however, she didn’t miss her love for acting. She moved on to study at Pepperdine University situated in Malibu, California. In the conclusion of her schedule, she graduated with a degree in filmmaking. Lauren’s initial on movie credit was her very own movie documentary Locating Kind, which she filmed along with her friend from college Molly Stroud (currently Molly Thompson). She also Molly backpacked across the nation for 2 weeks filming the film. It had been created by Shady Acres Entertainment in 2011. The documentary addressed both physical and psychological abuse suffered by women in the hands of different guys. Lauren is a huge believer in woman power. Couple that with her bothering middle school adventures, and it’s not difficult to see why her anti-bullying effort is mainly specific to girl-on-girl bullying. The documentary received lots of favorable responses from fans and critics alike. Its achievement obviously caused the launching of this “Kind Campaign” six months . She co-founded this motion with Molly. The effort focused on spreading kindness and love among women, basically eliminating the explanations for them to fight or bully each other. The nonprofit company worked with schools to attain this particular goal. After the launch of Finding Kind, Lauren has also been involved in some other acting roles. She had been included in the YouTube humor NCIS: Specific Agent DiNozzo Visits Dr. Phil and a version of 1981’s Entertainment Tonight.

Lauren Parsekian is married to Aaron Paul

The activist is wed to her long-time boyfriend, Breaking Bad celebrity Aaron Paul. But they had been together for quite a while until they got married. Lauren met Aaron in the Coachella Music festival a few years until they tied the knot. He suggested to her in a party in Paris on December 31, 2011. In February 2018they welcomed their first child, a girl called Story Annabelle. Her husband’s acting career has built up more steam than hers. Aside from the massive success of this American drama show Resident Evil, Aaron has also been included in other large movies. He played the role of Jesse Pinkman at The Simpsons television show; Rick at Mission Impossible III; Tobey Marshall in Need for Speed; and Joshua at Exodus: Gods and Kings. He’s also appeared on talk shows and comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live.

Lauren Parseniak’s net worth

While her demeanor, Aaron Paul is leaping from place to set and piling his behaving fate, it turns out that Lauren isn’t doing too poorly for himself . Given the fact that she’s little. But besides earnings from her filmmaking attempts, and acting jobs, she’s received also obtained several merchandise jobs. All these have come to place her net worth in a 8 million.

Quick Facts about Lauren Parsekian

Lauren and Aaron almost got married to the initial date Lauren disclosed she and Aaron Paul hit it off so much they virtually tied the knot over the initial date. Unfortunately, it had been shut. They jokingly obtained a baby leather coat, their very first baby thing in preparation for their first kid. She raised $1.8 million in a Kind Campaign fundraiser Aaron along with her husband surely understand how to utilize what they must get what they desire. Much like the time when they leveraged on Aaron’s rising influence and fame to increase a whopping $1.8 million in a design for Lauren’s Kind Campaign. Lauren’s Kind Campaign does more than simply talk Past spreading their message of kindness and love by holding college tours and creators assemblies globally, Kind Campaign is actively engaged in helping to stem the tide of bullying in schools. The company provides online support for youngsters who’ve been victims of bullying in any form or form. Lauren Parsekian includes three distinct ethnicities Lauren’s paternal grandmother came into the US from Italy, while her paternal grandfather descended from Armenia. Considering that Lauren’s mother, Debra Kelly is of Irish descent, which makes the celebrity cum activist Armenian, Irish and Italian all in one sweet little package

Lauren Parsekianthe Body and Height Dimension of

Parsekian is definitely easy on the eyes. She stands in a decent height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70m) and keeps a burden of about 66kg. She has light blond hair and beautiful brown eyes. The dimensions — breasts, waist, and hip of lauren .

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