Where’s Trey Songz now? Wiki: Son, Net Worth, Body, Brother, Real Name

Where is Trey Songz?

Trey has been in the public eye for quite a while now and he’s definitely caught the eye of women wide and far, through all of the rumors and the truth, let’s test out a few of those that really captured his eyes (most notably Trey Songz girlfriend).

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Trey Songz Girlfriend

Being the hot commodity he is, hehas been rumored to have dated very the amount of women in his day, if it’s rumor or reality, just the parties involved know for certain. So this is that we can dig up about the singer’s love life.
Well, let’s simply say she aimed for the stars and landed at the clouds, she’d make a name for himself in showbiz, but she was a movie vixen. Nobody knows how or if she met with the celebrity, but they had something going on between them for quite a while. Nowadays, Sheneka is a version and Instagram celebrity. Apparently, they had been the real deal and also the possess the matching tattoos to prove it. Till date, Trey says she’s among the only two girls he’s loved… romantically needless to say.
First came the speculations concerning the group, after all of the ‘benign ‘ flirting which has been moving between them. Shortly after there was proof, a photo of these locking lips on It has to have been among the numerous hook ups, as around precisely the exact same period, he was believed to be involved with the actress /singer, Drew Sidora.
Trey Songz Girlfriend; Lauren London Today this one many of you already know about, but for those who don’t, she’s among the only two girls the singer has already been in love with, but those two have a sort of ‘that he said-she stated ‘ thing moving. The ‘that he ‘ being Trey and Lauren function as ‘she’. In a meeting with The Q Negative, if asked about the singer,” she stated, ‘I feel as there’s always a rumor I’m dating somebody I never met earlier. We aren’t together. We took a photo together. I understand him and that he ‘s a fantastic man, therefore that I laugh at the. ‘ Trey had something completely different to say about them if he informed 106 KMEL, ‘Lauren London is an essential person to mepersonally, I love her to death. Is she my girl? No. We’re fantastic friends and we HAVE been fans before. ‘ This makes for an extremely intriguing story.
Trey Songz Girlfriend; The Cheating Trey should take his guy candy position quite badly, as he was supposedly involved with assorted girls between the 2009 and 2013, while he was still ‘supposedly ‘ together with Lauren London. Rumor has it he had been using Keri Hilson, Tahiry Jose, Ciara and Just Jess, while being in a relationship with Lauren, this might be among the reasons why she won’t admit their connection, who knows?
Trey Songz Girlfriend; Tanaya Henry Both have had an off and on thing going for seven great years, both eventually referred to as the period of passing in their connection in 2015. It was really quite severe between them, as a couple of months before their separation Trey told Wendy Williams he wished to begin a household with Henry. Well that strategy clearly moved into the gutters.
Trey was doing atDrai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas and in accordance with E!News, soon after the concert finished a source shown to E! News the Keeping Up With the Kardashians celebrity and singer fulfilled later and “were spotted making out” in Drai’s later hours. Additionally, she had been over his social websites. What isn’t clear is whether the two remain a thing, or when Trey is only going to stay a ‘playa for life’.

Trey Songz Brother

Trey includes two brother, Alex and Forrest Neverson, but we’re fairly certain the brother to discuss now is Forrest. Like his brother, he’s a body and some good looks. It ends up that Trey isn’t the only brother. In an effort to receive his own celebrity status, he published some racy photographs, not once but twice and the next time about there was a movie to accompany it. The public can concur on this however, he’d surely make it big in the adult film business.

Trey Songz Mother

She’s well known for being among the latest mother ‘s out there and she’s enthusiastic evidence of this fact that ‘black don’t crack’. April Tucker is a motivational lady because she’d Trey at age 17 and not only did she retain himshe has used the fame she has since a platformto reach out to other adolescent mothers. The starobviously shares a special bond.

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