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Who’s Ricegum? Wiki: Net Worth, Real Name, Sister, Son, Daughter, Brother

Who is Ricegum?

Ricegum is a famed YouTube character and he’s well-known for his renowned video in 2015 titled All These Children Must Be Stopped. Our sources state he grew up in Las Vegas and even though his parents’ namesare anonymous, we do understand he is Asian-American. It goes without saying that his parents are equally Asian, from what we gathered his dad is of Vietnamese origin along with his mom is Chinese. Talks on his videos about his parents that a great deal with images of these. He jokes a good deal about his parents; he calls them equally parents that are normal. However, there’s not any info regarding his parents.

Education and Sister

Ricegum graduated from Sierra Vista High School, Nevada and he attended college at 2016; however he dropped out. The title of the school he attended is anonymous but we’re imagining Harvard like most famous entrepreneurs and billionaires now. He jokes about dropping out of college, stating that his mom wanted him to become a physician, but he makes a career out of making fun of folks. The child is not severe. Ricegum remains with his family somewhere in Nevada, and obviously he wouldn’t disclose the address of his location. But he gave a very ridiculous reason he hasn’t gotten his own area and he states it’s since he doesn’t need to need to cover rent. He’s got a little sister and sister, but his sister had been an item of controversy after he published a movie about her some time back and was totally freaked out from the dreadful remarks made by people about this article.

YouTube Career

Regrettably, that didn’t catch him the perspectives and attention that he was searching for, but things finally shifted in his favour at 2015 when he published a comedy show onto his YouTube page branded THESE KIDS MUST BE STOPPED. The featured a range of actors such as Loren Beech and Jacob Sartoriuswho are equally proven to have also created their name on the internet.Ricegum essentially disses and creates jest of adolescent web stars who’ve said things about him and he also talks about the improper things that these child stars do. In virtually no time, he quickly started to grow and gain a good deal of views and likes. Presently, he’s over 9 million readers on his YouTube page. After Ricegum discovered exactly what a hit it was, he moved forward to make a run out of it and he did with a spin, he’d arbitrary children attribute on his show and spoke about things which were trending, intriguing, absurd, or crazy. It wasn’t long until he gave him the focus, perspectives,and fame that he was trying to find. But it also had a controversial turn on it as most audiences discovered his show just a tiny bit awkward.

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Taking Advantage

Presently, he makes diss tracks to make fun of adolescent internet stars and YouTubers who’ve said things about him in their webpage. She’s the girl of thesinger; Travis Parker. In that roast movie, he set up a post stating her activities were improper for her age also criticized her upbringing and lifestyle harshly. Her dad and stepmother responded instantly by obtaining the movie eliminated from YouTube. He had been the middle of another significant controversy lately when movie blogger, Gabbi Hanna, posted a movie claiming he had physically attacked her and ruined her cellphone. She went on to place a movie of these wounds inflicted by on her RiceGum on Snapchat. Oddly, this tiff resulted in a growth in amounts of her readers and reduce numbers of his followers. He confessed he trashed the phone but added that the wounds were really stretch-marks. Viewers, however, were of the view he might have coped with the issue at a more polite way and that he had been overly stern. Although Gabbi Hanna didn’t file a legal suit, she asked to get a reimbursement for her phone. What’s more,Ricegum was prohibited from Twitch for demonstrating that a BB Gun in a few of his movies. He can be said to be a significant trouble magnet.

Gay Vibes and Body Dimensions

Reports state he is straight. Ricegum once mentioned on a few of his shows he is unmarried and has no girlfriend since he’s ugly as **k. Ricegum is roughly 1.99m tall. Although we could certainly see from his picture he is slender, there are no specific figures given because of his or her weight. In addition, he has hair and brown eyes.

Ricegum’s Net Worth

From all controversies along with the numerous diss tracks he’s completed, Ricegum is now estimated to have a net worth of more than $1 million.

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