Where’s Manuela Escobar today? Wiki: Daughter, Net Worth, Today, Money

Where is Manuela Escobar?

Growing up was comfy for Manuela Escobar who had been the sole daughter of Colombian drug lord and narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar. Considering her father’s cartel provided an estimated 80 percent of the cocaine smuggled into the USA, turning US $21.9 billion annually in personal income in the height of his profession, it’s totally safe to state that Manuela dwelt on a bed of roses. Her dad made sure of this.

Manuela Escobar — Daughter Wiki, Of Pablo Escobar, Family

Born on 25 May at 1984 into Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henaoas at Colombia, Manuela Escobar’s mum gave birth to 2 kids — Juan (who later changed his title to Sebastin Marroqun) and Manuela. Both kids were pampered with their dad who might literally afford whatever they desired, so long as money can purchase it. Pablo was arguably the most strangest offender ever, with an estimated famous net worth of $30 billion from the early 1990s, which makes him one of the wealthiest men on the planet while at his prime. Regardless of his criminal record, Pablo was the perfect loving father and husband for his loved ones. His expression of love for his loved ones, particularly his daughter knew no bounds because he’d purchase the moon simply to make her happy. Pablo would organize tutors for Manuela while they were in concealed locations from competitions and authorities. In some time when Manuela requested to be provided a unicorn for her birthday, Pablo ordered to create one from a horse. He requested for a cone to be relegated into a horse’s mind and had wings attached to the rear. The horse died in the procedure. And when you thought that was intense, you have to prop up with this; Based on some tales told by Escobar’s former acquaintances how much he was prepared to go to match his daughter’s dreams, after, when Pablo Escobar and his household were in hiding at the Medellin mountainside, Manuela got ill and wanted to be kept hot. From the bid to guard her from hypothermia, her adoring father reportedly burnt piles of dollar bills worth roughly $2 million! On the other hand, the existence of luxury and overpowering love and attention from her youth vanished into thin air when Manuela grew old and had to fight with her mum and brother to earn a purposeful life. At the moment, her dad ‘s countless couldn’t do much to assuage the distress that befell the household. Manuela needed to lose her dad when she was only nine. In the middle of the roses from Manuela Escobar’s youth were thorns which caused regular turbulence. Her dad ‘s criminal history set all of the relatives ‘ lives at risk. Among other matters, Manuela couldn’t go to school like other children due to security issues. She’d confronted a near-death encounter at three years old when a bomb exploded inside her dad ‘s apartment. Apparently, the unsuccessful effort produced on January 13, 1988, was targeted at her daddy the drug lord, but nobody had been hurt. Even though Manuela’s brother has spoken to the media several times during time, Manuela remained quiet and kept a very low profile. Together with her brand new name — Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos, she prevented the press, henceshe isn’t busy on social networking. Additionally, her brother attempted to make amends with all those his dad wronged, but Manuela cut all ties to her native state. She abandoned her heaven and all in it when her and her family fled Colombia and she’s not inclined to return back.

Manuela Escobar’s Net Worth

Adhering to how things turned out for Manuela Escobar, she made a decision to lead a life entirely below a shadow and hasn’t been outspoken about her livelihood. Nevertheless, she had a gifted singing voice through her youth but there isn’t a single hint if she’s created herself as a performer or a singer. Consequently, her net worth isn’t known because her profession and livelihood was kept under wraps. Nevertheless, her dad was regarded as the weakest criminal ever, with the estimated famous net worth of $30 billion.

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